Fig Newtons in Pop Culture: Mickey Mouse, Brian Regan, Happy Days and More

I’ve always been a fan of Fig Newtons, recently re-named just “Newtons,” which I’m totally ok with because it sounds ultra classy. I’ll have a Newtons, please. But look, I’m a busy girl, so I need a quick snack I can grab out of the pantry and eat in the car on the way to pick up the kids from school, take dinner to my 88-year-old mom, or on my way to a movie (hey, it’s work).

Newtons Fruit ThinsA quick snack is a big score for me, and Newtons are perfect. They’re packaged two to a pack – just right. Plus, I just love the taste. I love the original Fig Newtons, along with all the cool flavors and products, like Newtons Fruit Thins. In short, these things are awesome. I just sampled the Cherry Vanilla Fruit Thins, and they’re ridiculously yummy. A thin, crispy, sweet cookie. Perfect.

Let’s take a look at five Newtons references in pop culture:

1. Mickey Mouse. In the 1939 animated Mickey Mouse short “Mickey’s Surprise Party,” Minnie has a bit of a meltdown after a popcorn mishap while baking cookies. So Mickey cheers her up by giving her several Nabisco products, one of which is Fig Newtons. Mickey says they’re his favorites.

2. “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.” In this 2006 film, Ricky Bobby sells the windshield space on his NASCAR stock car in order to make more money. Thus, a big Fig Newtons sticker is placed on his windshield, and while driving, he says, “This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons.” I do, too, Ricky Bobby.

3. “The Big Bang Theory.” In the December 7, 2009 episode, “The Gorilla Experiment,” Penny incorrectly believes that Fig Newtons are named after scientist Isaac Newton. Sheldon sets her straight and refers to the town in Massachusetts. Watch the video here.

4. “Happy Days.” In one episode, Potsie is nervous about a test and has to be pushed into his classroom by Fonzie. Potsie says that his stomach is in knots, but Fonzie’s got that covered, handing Potsie two Fig Newtons and noting, “One for now, one for later.”

5. Brian Regan. We had the extreme good fortune to see this comedian, one of our favorites, a few years ago. He has a hilarious bit about eating Fig Newtons.

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