Cameron Mathison
Cameron Mathison in "The Carpenter's Miracle"
Cameron Mathison in “The Carpenter’s Miracle”

No one can say Cameron Mathison hasn’t had a diverse career. He played Ryan Lavery on “All My Children” for 14 years and has since appeared in a number of television series and films – both dramatic and comedic. He also serves as a host on “Good Morning America” and has been a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Cameron’s most recent made-for-TV movie, The Carpenter’s Miracle,” premieres March 30, 2013 on the faith-based network, GMC-TV. The movie is not religious, per se, though. It’s about an unassuming, small town carpenter named Joshua whose attempts to rescue a drowning boy fail … until he touches the boy in the hospital and says, “I wish to God you had lived, kid.” Suddenly, the boy springs to life.

A series of subsequent events leave everyone, including media vultures and even Joshua himself, questioning whether this shy carpenter has the ability to perform miracles. I spoke with Cameron by phone about taking on the role of Joshua.

Cameron Mathison and Ryan Grantham in "The Carpenter's Miracle"
Cameron Mathison and Ryan Grantham in “The Carpenter’s Miracle”

How did the role in “The Carpenter’s Miracle” come to you?

Truthfully, it was an offer. I had the script sent to me. I read it, and it kind of had me in the first few pages. I really enjoyed it right away. My wife read it, too, and she was tearing up in four or five pages. I knew that was a good sign.

I’m assuming that Joshua is quite different from you in many ways.

Thanks for saying that because I originally went in, and I think he was a little bit more similar to me. I made – I guess I’d call them safer choices than I normally would – and choices that are a little bit closer to home for me.

The director, Kristoffer Tabori, helped me right away in order to make sense of this guy. I don’t want to call him a loner, but he lives alone, he’s a little bit isolated, and a little bit of an introvert…. I’m used to being more confident and the leading man and charming, and Kris helped me discover Josh in a new way.

Cameron Mathison4You haven’t played anything like that before?

No, I haven’t at all, so I just loved it. I loved working with Kris, and the other actors were fantastic. It was a really safe environment. The crew was amazing. I don’t know how they did what they did in some of the shots where they were getting into the detail. They blew me away.

I think I know enough about you to know that you’re an empathetic person, but did playing Joshua help you to understand people better who are shy and introverted?

It did. Something about the characters I’ve played, there’s not a lot of humility in a lot of them. And I’m a big believer in humility in my everyday life…. As I get a little bit older, I try to be more and more humble. I think it really did allow me to tap into that aspect. Joshua didn’t want a lot of attention and didn’t want a lot of focus. And in today’s society, that’s extremely rare. Everybody’s looking for the spotlight. So, I really enjoyed that.

I’ve had some pretty miraculous things happen in my life. Have you?

I have…. Connecting with my faith, there have been changes and things that have happened in my life that are hard to explain otherwise…. But you don’t necessarily need a miracle to transform. Some of the worst things in my life turned into some of the best things just by a shift in attitude.

Cameron Mathison
Cameron Mathison

The film doesn’t hit the viewer over the head with its message, which I appreciate. What do you think they want the viewer to take away from the film?

I love that you said that. You’re right. Kris really didn’t want it to be over the top. It leaves a lot to the viewer.  A lot of people will take many different messages and experiences from it, and I love that about it.

Have you finished shooting the TV movie “Home Again” with Jennie Garth?

I finished shooting that back in early February.

IMDB is behind and still has it as currently filming. Is there anything new that you’re working on that you can talk about?

I just finished another movie for television called “Window Wonderland,” and I have a fun little part in there. That was a good time, and I’m always working for “Good Morning, America” and have some things brewing. I’m lucky to be plugging away.

I know you work both as a host and as an actor. What are your aspirations for your career at this point?

It’s a very good question. It’s a tough thing to answer. I really enjoy both aspects. It’s two different spheres of work for me, and I get so much out of both of them. I suppose I want to be a little bit selfish and spoiled and continue to have both of them. Being on “All My Children” for 14 years and loving that job and loving that character was very tough to leave. I was forced to leave because the show went off the air. I probably wouldn’t have.

But the opportunity to play different characters and do different jobs and work on different networks? I’ve been lucky to do five movies in the last 15 months and some TV shows. I’m so grateful for that. So, as far as what I’m hoping to do is just to continue to grow as an actor and spread my wings in that way….

And the things I get to do on “Good Morning America” are things I would never do. I just spent two days up in Northwestern Alaska with some Yukon men. It was wild and fantastic. It’s all been fun.

“The Carpenter’s Miracle,” which also stars Michelle Harrison, airs on GMC-TV March 30 and March 31, 2013. Check your local listings, and take a look at the trailer below.

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