Elementary CBS announced this week that it has renewed 18 returning series for the 2013-2014 broadcast season.

According to their press release, “the mass renewals showcase the strength and stability of television’s leading network among viewers, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54. This season, CBS is home to the #1 program/drama (“NCIS”), the #1 comedy (“The Big Bang Theory”), the #1 new series (“Elementary”) and the #1 newsmagazine (“60 Minutes”).”

Really? “Elementary” is the number one new series? Ok. If you’re watching it, leave a comment below, because I don’t know anyone who watches it. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad show, just that I never hear much about it. I watched a couple of episodes early in the season, but it didn’t grab me enough to stick.

The renewals include four comedies, nine dramas, three reality series and two newsmagazines.

The renewed comedies include “The Big Bang Theory,” the final season of “How I Met Your Mother,” as well as “Mike & Molly” and “2 Broke Girls” (I’ve never gotten the fandom over this show; it always seemed really bad to me).

Among the returning dramas are “NCIS,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Person of Interest,” “Elementary,” “Hawaii Five-o,” “The Mentalist,” “Blue Bloods” and “The Good Wife.”

The Network’s three Emmy Award-winning reality shows — “The Amazing Race,” “Survivor” and “Undercover Boss” — also return with new editions.

“60 MINUTES” and “48 HOURS” will return in the fall.

No word at this writing if “Two and a Half Men” will be returning for another season, but CBS and Warner Bros. Television are currently in discussions.

I don’t watch a lot of CBS shows, but I’m always glad for ANY show that doesn’t rest on cheap reality schemes. Shows like “NCIS” and “The Good Wife” require actual writers who produce scripts.

And at least CBS’ reality shows are long-running (“Survivor” and “Amazing Race” have been on forever) or center on something of merit (“Undercover Boss” is a sweet show).

Any thoughts on these renewals? Any favorites or total mistakes, in your view? 


  1. I’m a huge Elementary fan! The first few episodes were so-so but now I love the character interplay and the clever writing. Glad it’s been renewed. Sad, though, that Vegas isn’t on the renewal list. 🙁

    • Oh yay! Ok, so I need to get past the first few eps for it to catch on. See, that’s the problem with new shows – I never know whether to invest time into them for fear they’ll get canceled after three episodes (or less). I did like Vegas, but only watched a couple eps and DVR’d the rest. Bummer that it didn’t make it.


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