Bones Recap: The Blood From the Stones

Bones Recap: The Blood From the Stones – Season 8, Episode 20

Bones Recap: The Blood From the Stones

In this episode, Bones, Booth and the team are tasked with solving the death of an undercover police officer who was trying to solve a string of ATM robberies. Complicating things is the fact that a bag of diamonds was found inside his grossly decomposed body.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brennan is the subject (so she thinks) of a documentary being filmed to help raise funds for the Jeffersonian. We all probably knew how that was going to go, didn’t we?

As always, the episode starts at the crime scene. The body has decayed from two drastically different climates, leaving all but the bones and skin. The head was truly gross, right? It was funny how Booth, noticing Bones had a smile on her face, was excited about the remains. He in fact said, “You’re excited, aren’t you”… and of course, she was. I love how Cam is always amused by Brennan’s remarks.

Back at the lab, Cam brings in Andrew Jursic (“Doug” of “Bob and Doug McKenzie” fame), who has the hots for Carolyn. She explains that he’s going to be filming a documentary to help raise funds for the Jeffersonian. Of course, Brennan isn’t happy about it. It was funny when she asked him why he was wearing a camera on his head, and he said that the camera lets the audience feel what he feels.

In her sweet way, she tells him that’s ridiculous because cameras can’t feel things. Andrew realizes right away that she is going to be difficult. I wish they wouldn’t have Brennan act so rude at this point in the series. We all know she’s just very focused in the lab.

The Jeffersonian ends up bringing Clark in to help “temper Dr. Brennan’s usual abrasive manner” … she doesn’t like that he’s there helping … trouble in paradise! I do like Clark, though.

When alone, Brennan asks Cam if Clark is more likable. Cam, being very diplomatic, answers, but then says, “I like you very, very much.” Very sweet, and that made Brennan happy. Oh, the little things.

What do you think about Carolyn and Andrew? It was funny, love at first sight. I am happy that she has someone. It will just be interesting if they follow this storyline. They haven’t done much with Cam and Mr. Vaziri. Hum.

Back to the murder victim. We find out he was an undercover cop dealing with a jewelry store owner. This is a funny scene, didn’t you think so? Booth and Brennan go to the jewelry store to get information about the victim, and are asked if they’re getting married. Booth is the one putting it on Brennan as to when and if they’re getting married (since he told her at the beginning of season seven that SHE has to ask HIM to marry her). It made her a little uncomfortable, and I think Booth thought it was funny. Did you? And yes, I want them to get married!

Near the end of the show, Booth and Brennan figure out that the wife is actually the killer. She wanted the money, trips, etc … but not Reuben (the undercover cop.) The ATM robbers were part of Reuben’s scheme to sell the diamonds and get the cash.

The last scene in the show was the best for me — Bones in her office watching the documentary and realizing she doesn’t seem nice. Booth comes in to pick her up for dinner, but she doesn’t want to show him the video. He wants to know why, and she tells him: “I look like a really mean lady … rude.”

Booth tells her she’s just focused on her job, and she starts rambling. He kisses her (yeah), and she says, “You’re just trying to keep me quiet.” Yep. But she likes the kissing and keeps it going. He tells her she can kiss him at the restaurant. They have a little of their banter, which is always fun, and head out on their date. Yeah, I want more!

What did you think of this episode? Do you want Booth and Bones to get married eventually? What about Carolyn and Andrew? I hear there is going to be a wedding at the end of this season, but I don’t think it will be B & B … not yet anyway. 






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  1. Liz Avatar

    I liked the episode….I like when they include aspects of B & B’s personal life – meaning romance. They have a young relationship there should be more romance or there will be seriouse trouble down the road for them 🙂

    I don’t think it will be them getting married this season, but I think it will come. Bones seems to be on a spiritual journey of sorts and I think exchanging vows will be apart of that journey at some point.

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