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Shia LaBeouf to Exit Broadway’s Orphans: Creative Differences with Alec Baldwin?

Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf is ankling – as Variety would say – the Broadway production of “Orphans” starring Alec Baldwin. This is big news! And also disappointing news for producers who heard ka-ching at the box office and fans of the “Transformer” franchise who rushed to buy tickets. Some of those “Transformer” fans have probably already asked for refunds. A replacement is not announced yet.

No word yet on the real reason LaBeouf is leaving, except for the publicist citing “creative differences.” LaBeouf also posted copies of several emails on his Twitter account like this one, implying a “disagreeable” situation between Baldwin and LaBeouf.

In 2006, the esteemed Broadway actress Jan Maxwell exited a production of “Entertaining Mr. Sloan” because it was reported that Baldwin hit his fist through a wall during a production and the actress feared for her safety.

I saw Baldwin on the stage in “20th Century” co-starring Anne Heche a few years back, and he was charismatic and terrific to watch. Let’s see who the producers find to co-star with him in Lyle Kessler’s “Orphans.” The challenge will be to find an actor who can hold their own next to the fiery actor.



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  1. BeTheBuddha Avatar

    Apparently, Shia plagiarized his apology letter from an Esquire article!

  2. […] dropped out of the production after “creative differences,” which he made public by posting a series of emails on his Twitter […]

  3. […] production could not recover from all the offstage drama, what with Shia LaBeouf getting fired and his tweets about friction with his co-star and an angsty tweet from director Daniel Sullivan […]

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