Nick Kroll Signs with New Girl
Nick Kroll Signs with New Girl
Nick Kroll Signs with New Girl

After many attempts to go to Chicago, Nick finally makes his way home in an upcoming episode of “New Girl.” Remember, his yearly attempts to go home at Christmas always seem to be thwarted by one situation or another. (Last season, he opted to miss his flight for the fifth year in a row, so Jess could see Candy Cane Lane.)

According to an article on TV Guide, Nick Kroll from “The League” and “Breaking Bad” guest star Bill Burr will play Nick’s younger brother Jamie and foulmouthed cousin Bobby, respectively. Last week, “Justified’s” Margo Martindale signed on to play his mom.

We’ve seen most of the parental units of the quad on the show, but what about Schmidt? Who would you cast for Schmidt’s parents? Jerry Seinfeld? Richard Lewis? Jason Alexander? Tom Arnold? Fran Drescher? Carole Kane? Kathie Lee Gifford? Rick Moranis? Stephen Tobolowsky?

I wouldn’t mind seeing Richard Lewis cast in the role, then they could do an episode where Jess’ mom (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Schmidt’s dad meet and sparks fly. The two previously starred as lovebirds in the 90s sitcom “Anything But Love” on ABC.

I imagine there will be some convoluted reason for Jess to go on this trip. Perhaps, even Schmidt and Cece tag along, too?



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