New Girl: Parking Spot

New Girl: Parking Spot

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since “the kiss” onNew Girl,” and in its aftermath, we’ve seen Sam dump Jess during an Indian marriage convention after he finds out that Nick and Jess played tonsil hockey, while she and Nick prove to be a strong and compatible couple after several “team” building exercises at said convention.

This week’s ep adds to the game changer of a kiss. When Schmidt “unearths” a coveted parking space for their apartment, the challenge is on to see who gets the space. Winston bows out quickly after he gets a booty call from Daisy, leaving Nick, Jess, and Schmidt.

After Nick bows out after a staring contest, he ends up having to be the deciding vote between Jess and Schmidt, but who to pick? His best friend or the woman he shared a mind-blowing kiss with a few weeks ago — clearly something he can’t stop thinking about.

Thinking he’s being a gentleman by choosing Jess, Schmidt is suspicious of his motives and claims he can smell the stench of something more between the two. As he’s the only one who wasn’t clued in on the kiss, Jess and Nick tell him, which infuriates him because he knows he lost the contest before it even began.

Nick, again trying to be neutral Sweden, sides with Schmidt. Of course, that infuriates Jess and Nick, who lost in the middle decides to take the parking space for himself. Well, that makes everyone mad, and they basically go camp out in the space to see who can outlast who.

It somewhat harkens back to the Seinfeld episode, “The Contest,” where the friends see who can outlast the other in being “Master of their Domain.”

Meanwhile, Winston shows up at Daisy’s apartment, which seems to be one of those corporate housing situations where every building looks like the other and one can get easily lost in the tract of buildings. In such a hurry to get to his booty call, he forgets a condom so he has to go out and get some but he inadvertently puts on Daisy’s sweats and leaves without his wallet, keys or cell phone. His search to find a single condom is an amusing one.

OBSERVATION: Daisy is a petite Asian woman and while Winston is no Michael Jordan (or insert any other overly tall basketball player here), I think he would have noticed putting on his girlfriend’s sweats, don’t you think?

Back to the trio who are trying to outlast one another, but with Schmidt having the worst urge to go to the bathroom and Nick seeking out any morsel of food he can, it looks like Jess would be the clear winner — but then Schmidt blames Nick for this whole debacle.

We then find out that he, Nick and Coach – who was the original roommate (the actor, Damon Wayans, Jr., left to star on “Happy Endings”) signed a “No Nail Oath” when Jess moved in. The Oath states that under no circumstances will any of the male roommates ever copulate with the sole female roommate (unless some sort of profit can be made!)

Jess admits to Nick that while she thought things could go back to the way they were, she now realizes they can’t. In frustration, Nick tells Jess he regretted ever kissing her, which saddens Jess. She gets up to leave, congratulating him on his new parking space. Nick stands there even more frustrated while Schmidt reminds Nick that every second he doesn’t go after her, his idiocy multiplies exponentially.

So after her he goes. Jess just wants to get on with her life but then Nick confesses that he never regretted the kiss but regrets the weirdness between them since the kiss. When Jess brings up the No Nail Oath, she says, “You thought I was going to sleep with one of you, like I couldn’t help it?” and then Nick says in a few words — something so sweet, so quiet and honest, that if you didn’t have the hots for him after that kiss, you will have fallen head over heels for him after he confesses, “It was me, Jess. I couldn’t help it.”

And then – just like that – Jess has fallen for Nick without realizing it, like the rest of the female population who watches “New Girl.”

Of course, before anything else can happen, Schmidt returns to the loft, breaking the mood.  He reads portions of the Oath out loud, and it turns out that since Nick kissed her, Schmidt is also due equal time. But when he pulls Jess into a kiss, it kind of grosses both of them out.

While Jess and Nick might not live happily forever after, it’s their stumbling journey there that’s part of the fun, right? And if this is the aftermath of just one kiss, what will the aftermath be when they finally hook up? Oh my.


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