Nashville: There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

Nashville Recap: There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight – Season 1, Episode 13

Nashville: There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted a “Nashville” recap, so let’s quickly recap what’s happened since I last posted.

Juliette granted Sean an annulment, Rayna fired Liam, Deacon joined the tour then gave Rayna a smoldering kiss in the elevator. Teddy asked Rayna for a divorce after he slept with Peggy, Gunnar picked up his brother from the pokey and then he quickly disappeared, Scarlett and Gunnar moved in together (out of necessity more than romance) and Avery’s still being Avery.

Last week’s song to download was “I’m a Girl,” featuring Hayden Panettiere, a bubble-gum pop song that is one of the more upbeat fun songs from the show’s catalogue. Other songs to download are “Keep Asking Why” featuring Avery Barkley and “One Works Better” featuring Clare Bowen.  In fact, I’ve been singing “One Works Better (than two)” for several days now.

In this week’s episode, Rayna is reeling from Teddy’s request for divorce. Pair that along with Deacon’s mindblowing kiss and Rayna chokes on stage at one of her concerts. Always the professional, she regains her composure and starts to sing.  She ends up hanging out with Liam for most of the episode, who she runs into in the hotel lobby.  They kiss and there’s hint of more but she’s so distraught with everything that’s going on that Liam ends up being a friend to lean on.

JD Souther is back as Watty White (I was wondering where he disappeared to since the pilot) – he puts a call in to Scarlett to let her know that Rayna listened to their demo and now that she has her own label to cultivate, she’s interested in signing them.

Maddie overhears her dad talking sweet nothings to Peggy on the phone.  After she and her sis learn of the impending divorce, she tells her mom what she overheard.

Gunnar’s ex returns, but this time to hopefully sign Avery to a publishing deal.  Of course, Avery thinks only of himself and what he can get now, so he ends up signing so he can get the big fat payoff.  He seems to make one wrong move after another.  I see this character face down in a ditch, hopped up on drugs and alcohol in the future.

Juliette did an acoustic set with Deacon last week, much to the chagrin of her manager but to the delight of her fans. She wants to change up the show to add more acoustic songs to the set, and her manager isn’t too happy about it.  They have a powerplay and he quits. He’s had it with her.

Gunnar’s brother shows up, looking to reunite with him. Scarlett doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, but she eventually gives in and allows him to sleep on their couch for one night. When she hears how he sacrificed a lot for Gunnar, even giving up his own musical aspirations so that Gunnar could practice and play his guitar, Scarlett gives in a little and allows him to stay a little longer.

The situation with Gunnar’s brother is bound to go down a bad lane. He’s broken his parole, crossed state lines, and has a gun in his possession. Who’s going to eventually get shot?

Deacon sees Rayna and Liam in an affectionate embrace, and he’s furious. First it was Teddy, now this guy? He gets all cold on her again.

Will Avery and Hailey hook up? Probably. Does anyone else think Rayna and Juliette’s managers are kind of interchangeable? I had a hard time distinguishing the two in the beginning and sometimes still do.






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