Rihanna for River Island

Is Rihanna’s New Fashion Line Slutty or Cool?

Rihanna for River IslandRihanna debuted her fashion line, Rihanna for River Island, in London during Fashion Week, and it was panned by critics as “unsurprisingly slutty and tiresomely predictable” and “fright night at Kmart.”

The shapeless, partly see-through clothing did not go over well, although RiRi’s fans seem to love the items. Then again, Snooki has a hideous fashion line, too, and it sells out repeatedly on QVC. Check out the ridiculous footwear she sells at The Snooki Shop.

Rihanna’s clothing line will be on sale at Rihanna for River Island beginning March 5, 2013. I noticed the River Island site even sells a box of Willy Wonka Nerds candy for a ridiculous price.

I think the line is rather dreadful, too. What do you think?






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