K9: The Complete Series

For Doctor Who Fans: Shout Factory! Releasing K9: The Complete Series

K9: The Complete SeriesDie-hard fans of “Doctor Who” — going back a few decades — will be happy to know that Shout! Factory is releasing “K9: The Complete Series” on May 7, 2013. The 4-DVD set contains all 26 original episodes along with bonus features.

Originally created for the 1977 “Doctor Who” episode “The Invisible Enemy” by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, K9 has long been an iconic television character. But now he stars in his own brand-new adventure series, available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

Blasting back into action via a space time manipulator, everyone’s favorite robot dog arrives in late 21st-century London, now scarred by alien intrusion and government rule through their cybernetic police force.

With the assistance of teenagers Jorjie, Darius, drifter Starkey and Professor Gryffen, K9 becomes Earth’s front-line defense against dangers threatening from any place – and anytime – in the galaxy. They’ll have a lot of fun, action, adventure, and some jolts along the way, saving the earth from alien creatures, scary monsters and more than a few nasty humans!

Mixing live action characters with stunning visual-effects, K9 is a children’s sci-fi/adventure series combining comedy, action and suspense. It’s “X-Files” meets “Men in Black” meets “Ghostbusters.”

Here’s the rundown:

DISC 1:                                                                        

REGENERATION. The first adventure teaming Starkey, Jorjie and Professor Gryffen with the new and regenerated robotic dog: K9.

LIBERATION. K9 and the kids break into The Department’s prison to set free every type of alien imaginable!

THE KORVEN. In saving Professor Gryffen from the most dangerous alien in the galaxy, K9 and Starkey find a home.

THE BOUNTY HUNTER. When K9’s past comes looking for him, an alien Bounty Hunter could be the one thing he doesn’t want to remember.

SIRENS OF CERES. K9 and the gang ruin The Department’s experiments with alien technology and mind control in a London school.

FEAR ITSELF. Paranoia erupts throughout London and for K9 and the gang, the boogie-man in the closet seems very, very real.

FALL OF THE HOUSE OF GRYFFEN. The ghosts of Gryffen’s past come back to haunt him and K9 must put two and two together before our gang is lost forever!


JAWS OF ORTHRUS. Can the kids figure out if K9 is really vandalizing London before it’s too late?

DREAM-EATERS. K9 must figure out how to destroy an ancient alien weapon before everyone’s dreams turn into a waking nightmare.

THE CURSE OF ANUBIS. Anubians arrive on Earth and start worshiping K9, but what is their real agenda?

OROBORUS. Time is being stolen from everyone and Starkey is the only one who can stop it, but can he do it in time?

ALIEN AVATAR. When a mysterious poison starts polluting the Thames, K9 and the kids must figure out the source, before it destroys everything in its path.

AEOLIAN. Music is powerful, but could it be strong enough to vibrate the Earth to dust?


THE LAST OAK TREE. The last oak tree in England has been stolen and our gang must go in search of the thief. However, what they find isn’t what they expect.

BLACK HUNGER. The Department lets one of the biggest alien threats yet loose in London, and it’s hungry!

THE CAMBRIDGE SPY. The K9 unit must go back in time to solve a hundred-year-old crime!

LOST LIBRARY OF UKKO. When The Department steals a whole planet, Starkey finds himself trapped on it with Thorn, and their only chance of survival is an alien Librarian.

MUTANT COPPER. When K9 and the kids go against The Department’s laws, they get more than they bargained for.

THE CUSTODIANS. K9 and Starkey must figure out who is controlling the children of London and turning them all into aliens!

TAPHONY AND THE TIME LOOP. When Gryffen breaks an alien out of VR prison, he may have put everyone in danger.

DISC 4: 

ROBOT GLADIATORS. K9 and the crew take on and shut down an illegal, underground robot fight club!

MIND SNAP. Just as K9 thinks he can recover his long-term memory, an accident makes him forget everything that has ever happened!

ANGEL OF THE NORTH. Gryffen goes in search of the Fallen Angel and finds out there’s more to the alien ship then even a genius like him knew.

THE LAST PRECINCT. When the Last Precinct takes over the mansion to take a last stand against The Department, not even K9 is ready for everything that happens.

HOUND OF THE KORVEN. The Department finally gets hold of K9’s regeneration chip as K9 decides regenerating his life is not as important as remembering it.

THE ECLIPSE OF THE KORVEN. K9 must fight against The Department’s true intentions, as The Korven begin their invasion of Earth.


Interview with K9

The Making Of K9 Documentary



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