Harlem Shake: Swim Team

Harlem Shake: Swim Team

Well, it was inevitable. The current viral video out there is the Harlem Shake. If you haven’t heard of it, just put “Harlem Shake” into YouTube and hundreds, if not thousands of videos pop up. Not sure who started it or how it became viral (how does any video become viral anyway?), but it’s basically a quick 30-second video, played to the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer.  The song is currently the number one download on iTunes.

All the vids start off with a single person dancing to his own beat, usually clad in some weird piece of clothing/costume/mask/etc., while several people sit around him with a bored air. Once the song hits a specific note, the vid cuts to the room filled with people, all dancing crazy. Sounds odd, but it works and since the videos are so short, it’s easy to make, and viewers can consume dozens during their work breaks.

My personal favorite is the men’s swim team from Georgia. Check out their version:

Dish Nation had to jump on the bandwagon as well with their own version of it, but of course they extended the video a little bit. It’s a over a minute long, oh my. Check it out:


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