Bradley Cooper

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper, star of “Silver Linings Playbook,” the Oscar-nominated film about a man living with bipolar disorder, recently joined former Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy for a press conference at the Center for American Progress to discuss how the film is making progress toward removing the stigma of mental illness.

Cooper and Kennedy are joined by Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, president and founder of Give an Hour, a nonprofit organization providing free mental health services to U.S. military and their families affected by Iraq and Afghanistan, and Topher Spiro, Director of Health Policy at the Center for American Progress.

Cooper posted this over at the Huffington Post:

“‘Silver Linings Playbook’ is such a personal movie for David and when we all came together, it became a personal movie for all of us. Tiffany, she serves as a catalyst and she’s the first person who actually sees who Pat is.

“That’s the thing that this film has done, people around this country who have seen this film say “this film actually sees who I am” because its heavily stigmatized, its not a very treatable disease and it’s a condition that is diagnosed way too late. So hopefully, a movie like this will help it become in the onset. That the best thing about this movie, that its able to reach out and make people feel included. ~ Bradley Cooper

It’s not letting me embed the video, but click through to Huffington Post to watch.¬†You have to watch all the want to the end to get to Bradley Cooper sitting in on a panel, but it’s interesting. Or if you want to jump ahead, the panel starts around 30 minutes in.



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