Bones Recap: The Shot in the Dark

Bones Recap: The Shot in the Dark – Season 8, Episode 15

Bones Recap: The Shot in the Dark

In “The Shot in the Dark,” Brennan, working late at the lab after an argument with Booth, ends up getting shot. Booth finds her, and she’s rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

While in the operating room, she flat lines for two minutes and goes to a “different place,” where she visits with her dead mother. Of course, being logical, she tells her mother it’s just an illusion. She and her mother have a sweet conversation about the past and why Brennan is the way she is. It’s nice to see some of the back story and how much Brennan really loved her mother. I think we could have seen more.

“The Shot in the Dark” is not your usual “Bones” episode. Of course we know Brennan isn’t going to die, but after seeing her mother, we see that she questions her usual logical conclusions to everything in the universe. I like seeing this other side of her that we know is there.

While Brennan is in a “different place,” Cam is in the operating room watching the surgery (which is nice to see). Booth is very worried and wants to catch the killer. We see his emotions come out, which is always good. The doctors find no bullet, and the team at The Jeffersonian is baffled. Hodgens figures out that it’s a blood bullet that caused the injury, and the team then starts putting together that it has to be someone linked to the Jeffersonian.

We also see Special Agent Olivia Sparling come back and work with Sweets on the case. She and Sweets also discuss their relationship or lack thereof . I personally don’t see any chemistry between these two.

The last scene with Brennan and her mother is very sweet. Her mother tells her to “find the little girl you locked deep inside,” and “to live a full life.”

I really loved when Brennan’s mother said to her, “Tell your father that I knew the first gift he ever gave me was stolen.” When Brennan tells him, he is shocked.  He says “Nobody knew that but me” … which makes Brennan really think about the possibility of an “afterlife”.

I personally think this should have been a two-part episode. They had a lot to cover and seemed to have rushed the episode a bit. The crime story fell a little flat.

I also would have liked to have seen Bones apologize to Booth for their argument. She has grown as a character, and I want to see her prove it. I want more romance with the two of them!

But, as a “Bones” fan, I still love the show and hope to see great stories develop in the future.

What did you think of this episode? Do you feel like it could have been a two-parter?






7 responses to “Bones Recap: The Shot in the Dark – Season 8, Episode 15”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    Great review by Ms. Strand!

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I seriously have to start watching Bones! It’s been in my to-watch pile for a while, but it’s getting moved to the top.

  2. Kaylin Swan Avatar
    Kaylin Swan

    This Bones episode was different then the rest and i enjoyed watching Brennan talk with her mother and maybe even believing in a higher power, besides just science. It also teaches you to never leave anger, or anything you would not want your last words to be. Great show today and hope Brennan starts to agree with Booth a little and loosening up.

  3. Liz Avatar

    Great review Kim!! I agree….they could give us “more romance”. Hopefully they find someone for Sweets too 🙂

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      You guys are totally making me want to watch Bones! Ok, I’ll watch the first ep on Netflix tonight and report back.

  4. Stacy Avatar

    I enjoyed Ms. Strand’s review. I agree it was not a normal episode, and it would have been better if they had more time to develop the story line. We all know she was not going to die, but she seemed to get healthy really fast. Making it a two-parter might have helped build a bit more suspense.
    I am wondering about how her character will change from her encounter with her mother. Will she get softer? Can’t wait to find out!

  5. Shauna Avatar

    Seeing this review reminds me of why I signed up for Netflix….need to start watching Bones! Thanks! 🙂

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