Ben Foster

Ben Foster to Replace Shia LaBeouf in Broadway’s Orphans

Ben Foster

Ben Foster will replace Shia LaBoeuf in the Broadway production of “Orphans.” He will star opposite Alec Baldwin as Treat.

I am very excited at this news because Foster is a sensational actor. Even LaBoeuf — who can’t stay away from Twitter — gave Foster a thumbs up, tweeting, “BEN FOSTER IS A BEAST. HE WILL KILL IT.”

LaBeouf dropped out of the production after “creative differences,” which he made public by posting a series of emails on his Twitter account earlier this week.

Foster was terrific as a soldier who gets involved with the widow(Samantha Morton)  of a fallen officer in Oren Moverman’s “The Messenger,” released in 2009.

His 2007 portrayal in James Mangold’s “3:10 to Yuma” as outlaw Charlie Prince, a cold blooded killer with scary bad teeth, earned him rave reviews. He was great fun to watch.

Frederick Zollo and Robert Cole, producers of Lyle Kessler’s play “Orphans,” directed by Daniel Sullivan, announced yesterday: “We are delighted that Ben will join Alec Baldwin and Tom Sturridge when rehearsals commence at ‘Orphans’ tomorrow morning. He is an extraordinarily gifted actor.”

Foster’s recent Sundance Films, “Ain’t Them Body Saints” and “Kill Your Darlings,” will be released later this year by IFC Films and Sony Pictures Classics, respectively. He plays the young William Burroughs on the edges of the Beat true-crime tale “Kill Your Darlings,” and as a kindly deputy trying to keep the peace in “Ain’t Them Body Saints.”

Additionally, Foster stars opposite Mark Wahlberg in Peter Berg’s film “Lone Survivor” chronicling the true story of the June 2005 failed mission of Seal Team 10, which will be released by Universal Pictures this fall.

“Orphans” production dates remain unchanged thus far, with previews beginning March 19 and opening night on April 7 at the Schoenfeld Theatre (236 W. 45th Street).



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