Al Pacino stars in in HBO's Phil Spector
Al Pacino Stars in HBO's Phil Spector
Al Pacino Stars in HBO’s Phil Spector

A new HBO movie, “Phil Spector,” is premiering March 24, 2013, and Al Pacino is both chilling and intense in the trailer below.

Al Pacino Stars in HBO's Phil Spector
Helen Mirren and Al Pacino in HBO’s Phil Spector

He also has a lot of hairstyles, all of which seem to be in the same time frame in the trailer. Did he have wigs? I admit I don’t know enough about the legendary music producer to know if he had a stash of wigs in his closet.

But by the looks of the trailer, it appears he had a stash of guns.¬†Written and directed by David Mamet, “Phil Spector” explores the relationship between Spector and his defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden (Helen Mirren), who represented him during his first trial for murder.

Mamet serves as executive producer with Barry Levinson. The cast also includes Rebecca Pidgeon, Jeffrey Tambor and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Take a look.



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