The Burn with Jeff Ross

TV Review: The Burn with Jeff Ross

The Burn with Jeff Ross

When I found out “The Burn with Jeff Ross” was taping its second season, I scrambled to get free tickets, which were waiting list only. After four days I was rewarded with a confirmation.

I was happy to get the night that showcased Margaret Cho, Brian Posehn and a comic I was unfamiliar with, James Adomian, who turned out to be a great addition to the panel.

Margaret wore a cute little lederhosen outfit (all that was missing was some eidelweiss in her hair). Warm up veteran Brody Stevens provided a perfect energy burst for the audience to keep us going.

Be warned there is nothing free about a three-hour taping. It’s a lot like work, as all that laughing and clapping is exhausting. The troupe was rounded out by Jeff’s cute cherub-faced cousin Ed who pitches headlines to riff on.

“The Burn” is a 30-minute show, but while the comedians were roasting each other with rapid fire zingers, the tape continued to roll, so the live audience is privy to an extended set similar to being at a comedy club without the alcohol or water, for that matter. Even though terms like “slut,” “troll” and “hack” were hurled back and forth, you could feel the “love.”

Jeff’s weekly bits include him harassing the population via Segway, this week taking on smokers. Fan favorite bit “Too Soon,” where he roasts some newly departed stiff, is usually a groan-worthy segment, and this week’s cadaver du jour is no different.

Watch for a piece with Jeff and Bob Saget out to dinner, much to Bob’s dismay. As a treat, at the end of the show, the brave actually raise their hands to be personally roasted by the Roastmaster General. When that segment begins, Ross was standing next to me looking down, but at the last moment, my sentence was commuted. Whew.

“The Burn” is a fun, loose show. Between takes, we were treated to an impromptu joke-off between Brody and James which left everyone gasping for breath.

If you live in the area, this is a great way to spend a Friday night. If not, be sure to catch it Tuesday nights on Comedy Central. Check local listings for air times.


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