Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley

There’s a great story on “The Vampire Diaries” actor Paul Wesley in the January 2013 issue of “August Man” magazine.

The handsome actor, a.k.a. Stefan Salvatore on the show, had a few things to share:

On his ultimate dream role: “Every time I read a great script, I fall in love with a character and get lost in the idea of playing him. I don’t think there’s one particular role I dream about.”

On juggling high school and acting as a teenager: “It was both stressful and unbelievably rewarding. For me, going into Manhattan three or four times a week to film during high school was an escape from the typical New Jersey suburban life. I was exposed to a lot at a young age that really helped shape who I am today. At the same time, schools were kicking me out for poor attendance.”

On becoming a director: “I am currently attached to two films as an actor, both of which I’m producing. I intend to forge a career as a director as well.”

Look for him up next in “The Baytown Outlaws” with Eva Longoria and Billy Bob Thornton.

Paul Wesley



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