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Pop Culture Daily: Shirtless Bradley Cooper, Sweet Jennifer Lawrence, Adele’s Estranged Dad

Bradley Cooper ShirtlessApparently, Bradley Cooper shirtless and sweaty is a safety hazard. When the Oscar nominee took his shirt off near the end of an indoor NYC cycling class, his classmates went a little berserk. “Girls were literally falling off their bikes,” a source told Page Six. He played it cool, though, and graciously “shook their hands and even congratulated the girls on a great class.” Mr. Suave.

(UPDATE: Cooper recently said in an interview that this cycling class scenario never happened.)

Wonder what Oscar nominees want to do when it’s all over? For Anne Hathaway, who’s currently unemployed, chill out with hubby and play with the dog. That sounds like a nice respite for any hardworking girl.

Hey, even celebrities don’t live charmed lives (though it often seems that way). Adele‘s estranged dad is begging for a reconciliation and wants to be a “proper granddad” to her son. Their relationship has been strained since he walked out on Adele and her mom when she was just 3 years old.

‘Member Cory and Topanga from “Boy Meets World”? Now there’s a spin-off called “Girl Meets World.” Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will reprise their roles, and Rowan Blanchard will play their daughter. How fun!

Everything old is new again. Even rock stars. Eric Clapton will join the list of legendary rockers who have a new album in the works. “Old Sock” is due out in March.

ABC has ordered the drama “Big Thunder Mountain” to pilot. Based on the Disney attraction (really? ok), the show centers on a brilliant, late-19th-century New York doctor and his family who relocate to a frontier mining town run by a powerful but mysterious tycoon.

Poor Pluto. It’s been denied planetary status. AGAIN.

NBC has ordered “Wonderland” to pilot from “CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker. Seven years ago, Clara’s life took a turn for the worse, but a mysterious stranger tells her an explanation might lie in the fantastical world of Wonderland. There’s also a malevolent Queen. Shades of “Once Upon a Time”?

Robert Rodriguez – “Star Wars” crossover? The grindhouse filmmaker says sure, he’d direct a Han Solo spin-off. We’re guessing it’d be a teensy bit different from Spielberg’s Dagobah System.

And speaking of Oscar nominees (all bets are on her to win), Jennifer Lawrence‘s road to stardom has been paved with some funny stuff, like this 2005 promo for MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16”:

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