Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield

Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield

Awww … this is sweet. Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield are engaged to be married. They’re so adorable, and we love this photo of them. She’s 48, he’s 55. “Little House on the Prairie” meets “Thirtysomething.”

We’re not sure this is a record any of us would want, but a woman named Mikel Ruffinelli has set the world record for largest hips. Eight feet in circumference, according to the Huffington Post. “Men don’t fancy skinny girls,” she says. “They like an hourglass figure.”

We always knew he was Mr. Nice Guy. Now George Clooney proves it by paying for a stranger’s restaurant check in Berlin, Germany, where Clooney is filming scenes for his upcoming film “The Monuments Men.” He feared his crowd was being too rowdy and disturbing the man’s dinner. You can sit next to us any time, George.

Oliver Platt and Toni Collette are filming “Lucky Them,” the film that Paul Newman was working on when he passed away in 2008. The “un-romantic comedy,” which follows a female rock journalist on assignment to hunt down her musician ex-boyfriend, began filming in Seattle on Jan. 26 — Newman’s birthday. His wife Joanne Woodward is executive producing.

Ben & Jerry’s is making a “30 Rock” ice cream flavor. “Lemon”-flavored, perhaps?

Wondering what to pack in your zombie survival kit? “World War Z” author Max Brooks has a few ideas. He advises something similar to most disaster preparedness kits. “You won’t have to pack any zombie-specific items, not like a werewolf kit where you’ll need silver bullets or a vampire kit where you’ll need lots and lots of glitter.”

Sean Penn is set to star in Pierre Morel’s adaptation of the thriller novel “Prone Gunman.” Morel directed “District B13,” “Taken,” and “From Paris With Love,” and was a cinematographer on “Transporter.”  Penn was looking might buff recently. He can still do action thrillers.


  1. Max Brooks comment: ‘In a crisis, think about what Congress or Fox News would do and then just do the opposite.’ makes sense, though I’m not really sure why he’d want to alienate preppers with the rest of his remarks.


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