Nicole Kidman

Pop Culture Daily: Mark Wahlberg, Nicole Kidman, Cole Porter, LiveStrong

Nicole Kidman

We love that Nicole Kidman refuses swag. “Never Would I Take Free Clothes,” she said. “That Would Be So Tacky.”

Syfy’s “Alphas” gets the axe after two seasons. The show about people with extraordinary abilities had promise, but just couldn’t find a big enough fanbase.

Cole Porter’s “Can-Can” is heading back to Broadway in the spring of 2014. It’s presented by Jonathan Burrows, nephew of the musical’s original book writer Abe Burrows. The new production will feature a revised book by David Lee. Workshop this fall. Great musical.

Warner Bros. is mulling a “Gremlins” reboot. We don’t recall the original being all that great, but talks are in progress with Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen after midnight.

Those Chinese are pretty strict with their censoring abilities. Now they’re clamping down on “Skyfall,” editing shots of a Chinese character being killed and dialogue referring to prostitution and politics.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t get a LiveStrong tattoo? These folks might be re-thinking that decision.

“Zombieland” — the TV show — rises from the dead. Hmm … let’s start thinking about who to cast for Tallahassee and Columbus.

This is cool. Kickstarter is changing the movie business, one pledge at a time. Three Kickstarter-funded films — Kings Point, Buzkashi Boys and Inocente — became the fourth, fifth and sixth films to be nominated for Oscars.

And we’ll leave you with this … thank goodness Mark Wahlberg gave up music for acting.


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