Kate Middleton first official portrait

Pop Culture Daily: Kate Middleton, Ray Liotta, Pregnant Angelina Jolie

Kate Middleton first official portraitI don’t know why people didn’t like Kate Middleton’s portrait. I thought it was fine. now portrait artist Paul Emsley responds to the vicious criticism, saying, “I am still happy with it and am getting on with my life. There is nothing I would have changed.” Good for you, Paul.

Josh Duhamel  is hosting Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards. Good choice. Plus he’s got that romantic movie, “Safe Haven,” coming up he needs to promote.

A guy took a small video camera into Disney World and made a movie. People wondered if it was legal. I wondered what’s the difference between that and a family video-cam, neither of which will likely make any money. Now a Columbia law professor weighs in: “Escape from Tomorrow” is a cut-and-dried fair use case. Told ya.

Ray Liotta is teaming with the Muppets again, on … “The Muppets … Again.”

Could a Batman reboot be coming in 2017? Check it at Cinema Blend.

Is Angelina Jolie pregnant with child number 7? Maybe, says a story over at HuffPo. Good grief, I’m tired just thinking about it.

That black and white photo of a young Diana Spencer and Adam Russell? Sold for $18K to an anonymous buyer. In case you’ve got any random photos of the princess in the attic.


3 responses to “Pop Culture Daily: Kate Middleton, Ray Liotta, Pregnant Angelina Jolie”

  1. paula schwartz Avatar
    paula schwartz

    I have to disagree with you here on the Kate photo. This woman is so beautiful, at least on tv and magazine covers. This horrible portrait by Emsley not only does an injustice to her beauty but reveals nothing about her personality, intelligence or sense of fun. She also looks at least 45 here. Where are all these creases and wrinkles from? They’re fine when you’re old enough to deserve them but why make someone look older than they do in person? It’s just a boring, blob of a portrait. And is that nose Jimmy Durante’s? He can have it back.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Yeah, maybe. Maybe they should have waited until after she got through her pregnancy to do a portrait. Then again, she’ll be even more exhausted then.

      I think one of the reasons I like it is because it looks “real,” and not some airbrushed facade. But you’re right in that it’s probably not the most flattering image of her.

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