New Girl Recap: Cooler

New Girl Recap: Cooler

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The episode starts off with Nick wearing a woman’s trenchcoat that was mistakenly shipped to their address. He revels in the luxurious feel and fit of the coat and doesn’t care that it may be a woman’s coat. Meanwhile, Schmidt is, well, trying to be the Master of His Domain. When he is unsuccessful in his endeavors, he decides the three guys are going to go trolling for a booty call. Jess wants in, but she finds out she’s Nick’s “cooler” — the one who cools things off whenever Nick is trying to pick up a girl.

The three guys get kicked out of a discotheque and end up at the bar where Nick works. Both Nick and Schmidt eye the same hottie, Holly (Brooklyn Decker), and make their moves on her. Imagine their surprise when they find out desperation turns her on. You know what that means? Nick’s so in!

Winston tries to make a move but is woefully unsuccessful. Winston is a major fail when it comes to talking to women. He ends up at the other end of the bar and befriends Daisy (Brenda Song), an Asian woman, who is apparently married. Since there’s no expectation, he is able to talk to her.

Back at the loft, Jess is trying to amuse herself when she hears scratching at the door and fears for her life! Who does she end up calling? Why, it’s Nick!  Nick is close to closing the deal with Holly, but Jess calls in a panic and as soon as she says, “Nick, I need you,” he caves and comes to her rescue as he always does. So the entourage returns home with Daisy and Holly in tow.

Jess is determined to show Nick she’s not a cooler, so she engages everyone in a crazy game of True American – the striptease version, but in playing their complicated drinking game, Jess ends up really cooling things when she and Nick end up in a “Seven Minutes in Heaven” situation where they are expected to kiss. Everyone is chanting for them to “Kiss! Kiss!” They try to, unsuccessfully.

Cece shows up with her date after she gets Jess’ frantic texts and ends up helping Schmidt close the deal with Holly by declaring her undying love for him (at his insistence, of course).  Her date is appalled that Cece has a thing for Schmidt and replies in his quaint British accent, “You love that small, shiny man?” BEST LINE EVER.

Even Jess’ boyfriend, Sam, shows up and when he hears the situation Jess and Nick are in, he too is chanting “Kiss! Kiss!” with the others. Jess just wants to get it over with but Nick, in his frustration, spits out honestly, “Not like this!”  This shocks Jess as she realizes that Nick, in those three words, desires her as much as she wants him. As always, Nick tries to extricate himself out of the awkward situation by putting himself in another awkward situation and ends up stuck out on the ledge of their loft, trying to get out of kissing Jess.

Winston finds out Daisy isn’t married after all and he kisses her. Score! As an aside, I always wonder why they stereotype African-American-Asian relationships. The Asian female always ends up with the African-American male in most shows.  Why can’t Daisy end up with Schmidt, or Winston with Holly?

Jess hears the scratching again and instead of calling out for Sam, she calls out for Nick who magically appears, still in his trench coat to save the day.  He opens the front door and is practically mauled by a huge dog (St. Bernard, I think).  The owner pulls the dog off him and notices Nick is wearing her coat! Alas, Nick has to return to the coat to its rightful owner.  As Nick and Jess say goodnight, Nick, in a move worthy of any romance novel, swings Jess around and gives her a mind-altering kiss. “I meant something like that,” he tells her and goes into his room, leaving Jess to ponder what the hell just happened.

Yee-haw! Nick and Jess finally kiss! And what a kiss! We knew they had chemistry, but who knew it would be such a heated exchange?!

How will this affect her and Sam’s relationship? How will it affect her and Nick’s relationship? Will they avoid each other or secretly seek each other out in the dark corners of the loft or the shared bathroom when no one is looking?

Well, I for one, cannot wait to see what happens next week and beyond. That kiss was a definite game-changer, but hopefully it’s not a precursor of the show’s demise when the two main characters get together (think “Moonlighting” and “Remington Steele”).

What did you think of the kiss episode?



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