Imagine Dragons Radioactive Muppets

Music Video: Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive from The Host Trailer

Imagine Dragons Radioactive Muppets

Just posted the trailer and preview for Stephenie Meyer’s “The Host,” and became so enamored with the music in the trailer that I looked it up on YouTube.

I LOVE this song — “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons — and want to be the guy pounding that big drum. At first I felt sorry for the pink teddy bear tossed into that muppet fighting ring, lorded over by an international muppet-fighting ring kingpin.

But then when the laser beams came out, I knew everything was going to be ok. This is one of the strangest and most entertaining music videos ever. And is that … Lou Diamond Phillips?


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  1. […] sweet, and the music is lovely, including an original soundtrack by Antonio Pinto and the pulsing “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons played over the end […]

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