Howard Stern calls Lena Dunham fat

Lena Dunham to Howard Stern: I’m Not Fat

Howard Stern calls Lena Dunham fat

I love Lena Dunham more and more every day.

On Monday, Jan. 7, Howard Stern created a huge stir on the Interwebs by slamming both Dunham and her HBO show “Girls.”

Here’s what he said: “It’s a little fat girl who kinda looks like Jonah Hill and she keeps taking her clothes off and it kind of feels like rape. She seems — it’s like — I don’t want to see that.”

Dunham learned about the cruel comments from castmate Jemima Kirke, who is a huge fan of Stern’s show. But the story doesn’t stop there. Stern did something he rarely ever does. He apologized to Dunham on his show. Well, sort of. I dunno. Is this an apology?

“I felt bad because I really do love the show ‘Girls,’ and enjoy it,” he said. “And I admire the girl who writes it. It makes me feel bad, and I think she is getting the impression that I somehow think she’s just a talentless little fat chick … I learned that this little fat chick writes the show and directs the show and that makes sense to me because she’s such a camera hog that the other characters barely are on … Good for her. It’s hard for little fat chicks to get anything going.”

Sigh …

The 26-year-old director/actress/writer then called into his show. She said it’s all water under the bridge, but did have this to say:

“I’m not that fat, Howard,” she said. “I don’t mean to take major issue with you about this. I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit.”

Having grown up and still live in Michigan, and knowing the Detroit area, I can concur with this. Seriously, though, she’s not fat AT ALL, whether it’s Detroit or anywhere else. Let’s all stop calling people fat who are anything besides the waifish actresses we see on TV and in the movies. Can we all just do that?!

Stern agreed, explaining that he just meant that she often played up the “fat angle” on the show. “You’re not obese or anything.”

Ok, I guess it’s an apology. For Howard Stern.


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