Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock

Jack McBrayer Talks 30 Rock Finale, Clip-On Bangs, Tina Fey

Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock

The series finale for ’30 Rock’ airs tomorrow night, and Comcast’s Xfinity TV sat down with Jack McBrayer to talk about the end of the show, his final days of shooting and his fondest memories.

In the interview, Jack reflects on all of the things he wants to remember from his last days on set: the last time he heard Alec Baldwin yelling about how hot the studio was, the last time Jane Krakowski cried over her wardrobe, and even his last Kenneth the Page haircut. Some tidbits:

On the last days of filming: “I remember all the times when I realized this would be the last this or the last that. It’s my last scene with Tracy (Morgan). It’s the last time I’ll ever hear Alec (Baldwin) yell that it’s too hot in the studio. It’s the last time we ever have lunch together and watch the upcoming episode, which was something we did a lot. It’s the last free haircut I’ll ever have. I had to get them because Kenneth’s hair always had to look the same. Now I guess I can have hair options, although I’m afraid to examine my hairline up there. Maybe I can market some clip-on bangs like Kenneth’s, now that I’m looking for things to do.

On the longevity of the show: “To be honest, we never expected it to last this long. We realized we were underdogs and had to keep proving ourselves. Even after the pilot, I remember thinking, ‘This might be it. It’s the last time I’ll see this people. Enjoy the yogurt-covered pretzels at the craft service table because you may never see those again either.’”

On receiving a goody bag of props, including an NBC page jacket: “I got some Stone Mountain mementos, since that was where Kenneth was from. And a few days ago, I got an NBC page jacket in the mail. It was a nice little piece of Kenneth memorabilia. Plus, I can wear it to my job interviews at several restaurants in town. I do hope my path will cross again with everyone I worked with on “30 Rock” but I could use the jacket to look good when I’m clearing away Jane Krakowsi’s martini glass.”

On fearless leader Tina Fey: “Tina was a great leader, and she gave each of us a nice speech for our characters to give. The hard part was that no matter how sad I was as Jack, they had to get the shot right so I couldn’t cry like a toddler with solid. Kenneth was not the sort you’d expect to see cry, so I had to hold it together for his sake.”

Check out the full interview over at Xfinity.






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  2. Tim Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this interview with Jack McBrayer; Kenneth was my favorite character on the show and it’ll be bittersweet to see the finale tonight. I know I’m still going to laugh hard even though it’ll be the end of the road for Kenneth, but at least he was promoted to president of NBC!

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