Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone

Hot Topics: Will Seth MacFarlane Be a Good Oscar Host?

Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone

I admit I was a little worried about Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars. He seemed like an odd choice, because his shows like Family Guy and American Dad thrive on cutting edge humor and politically incorrect jokes. That’s the whole premise. He’s not afraid to rub someone the wrong way, and in fact, that’s pretty much the basis of his humor.

But maybe he isn’t such a bad choice for Oscar host. Watching him announce the nominations this morning made me think he can walk that line between funny and edgy, without lurching over it into no man’s land. You want to have the audience on your side with these types of gigs. You don’t want to tick anyone off or make people feel uncomfortable or awkward, especially when they’re all seated right in front of you.

One thing that caught my attention during the nominations was when he said something about the best director nominations – and how the nominees were nominated for sitting in a chair and watching actors. Um, yeah, there’s a lot more to directing than that, Seth.

Then again, Ricky Gervais ticked people off all over the place, and he hosted the Golden Globes for three years in a row. I guess ticking people off boosts ratings.

And after seeing Emma Stone banter with MacFarlane during the Oscar nom announcements, I’m thinking they should add her as co-host. Those two are pretty funny together.

Your thoughts? Are you looking forward to Seth MacFarlane host the Oscars? Think he’ll do a good job? 


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