Jodie Foster Comes Out at Golden Globes 2013

Hot Topics: Does It Matter if Jodie Foster is Gay or Not?

Jodie Foster Comes Out at Golden Globes 2013
Jodie Foster Comes Out at Golden Globes 2013

One of the highlights of last night’s Golden Globes was Jodie Foster’s emotional and some-say-rambling speech. I still can’t figure out if she’s retiring from film or what, but one thing is clear. She’s gay.

I don’t think she ever came right out and said, “I’m gay.” In fact, she skirted around the issue, first saying she had something important to say and she felt compelled to say it, and then … well, here are her exact words:

“I’m just going to put it out there, loud and proud,” she said, “I am, uh … single.”

She went on to thank her partner — though I think she said “former love,” so maybe they’re not together anymore, and thank her for continuing to be a good parent in their modern family. And their kids are adorable.

But really, does it matter in this day and age whether someone is gay or not? It doesn’t matter to me. Unless a public person or celebrity like Jodie Foster feels the need to clarify things and tell the world they’re gay in order to fully be themselves. If they want to, that’s cool, but it’s more for them than me. I don’t need to know.

Maybe they feel like it helps the gay community if a well-known person says they’re gay. But again, it doesn’t matter one whit to me. I just hope she continues making movies, either in front of or behind the camera. I love her work.

As for the retiring part, in the press room, she apparently said she’s going to be doing more directing, but not retiring from film altogether. I sort of already thought she was doing that. She’s got five films being released in the next few years, including “Elysium,” in which she acts, and three in which she’s either directing and/or producing: “Cockeyed,” “Flora Plum,” and “Money Master.”

Does it matter to you whether Jodie Foster is gay or not? 


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  1. Vyvyan Lynn Avatar
    Vyvyan Lynn


  2. BeTheBuddha Avatar

    It doesn’t matter at all. She is a beautiful person, inside and out, raising two wonderful kids. She’s an amazing actress and director and her sexual preference really has no bearing on any of it.

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