Kristen Stewart in V Magazine, Jan 2013
Kristen Stewart in V Magazine, Jan 2013
Kristen Stewart in V Magazine, Jan 2013

Real of faked? Classy or not? Those are the questions on everyone’s mind about Halle Berry’s revealing dress at yesterday’s FiFi Awards.

Krysten Ritter starring in Fifty Shades of Grey movie? Maybe.

Kristen Stewart says it’s “a pretty f—ing odd thing to want to pretend to be another person. And then have a lot of other people who watch you do that.” Forbes’ second most bankable actress stars next with Ben Affleck in Focus, a comedy in which she plays a young woman who catches the eye of a grifter.” has some great interviews with the cast of Zero Dark Thirty. Interesting to hear the research that went into Jessica Chastain’s character. I also love the fact that she’s not made up to the hilt for the interview and actually looks like a real person and not a glossy celebrity.

Connect With Your Teens has a nice preview of 2013 movies for teens, including The Great Gatsby, The Lone Ranger, Man of Steel and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. That last one is rated PG-13, but still looks darn violent.

The American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year? Hashtag.

Justin Bieber speaks out about marijuana controversy. “I’m trying to do better,” he says.

Ever wonder what it’s like when a hungry polar bear decides to eat you for lunch? Check it at i09.

Happy Birthday, Bradley Cooper! Check out all our coverage of the Silver Linings Playbook actor, who turns 38 today.

David Lynch’s Twin Peaks returning to TV? Maybe. Word and Film has the scoop.



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