Bull Testicle Beer

Bull Testicle Beer, Anyone?

Bull Testicle BeerWhen I’m not writing for Reel Life with Jane, my “day” job is researching for a syndicated show called Dish Nation. It’s a news show that injects humor into entertainment news and odd stories.  I’m responsible for finding the stories our cast dishes about on the show every weekday.

My favorite stories are not about the celebrity break-ups or the idiotic situations celebrities find themselves in, but rather the human interest stories — non-celeb stories about the funny and the odd.  Those make me laugh the most, the side-splitting laugh that makes your belly hurt.

So when those stories I pitch make it to air, it makes me happy that everyone watching will get to see something funny they may have otherwise missed.

Recently, we did a segment on rocky mountain oyster beer. If you don’t know what rocky mountain oysters are, well, it’s a Midwestern delicacy. Usually fried, rocky mountain oysters are also known as bull testicles. I’ve never had them myself, but they seem to be a hit. A Colorado brewery and pub called Wynkoop Brewing Company has created a limited edition version of their beer with hints of rocky mountain oysters.

Well, you can imagine how our male cast members reacted to hearing about this. Watch the segment below, and click  here to find out when and where Dish Nation airs in your neck of the woods.


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