Best Dance Scenes in Movies: Silver Linings Playbook, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance & More

Dirty Dancing

Need a dance break? Me too! Here are some of my favorite movie dance scenes. Add your own in the comments below, and I’ll keep building the list!

1. Fred Claus. Vince Vaughn shakes up the elves with Elvis’ catchy “Rubberneckin.’” Elf One: “It sounds angry!” Elf Two: “I know … Iiiiii like it!”

2. The Intouchables. Driss (Omar Sy) stirs up the stuffy upper crust, much to the enjoyment of Philippe (François Cluzet).

3. Silver Linings Playbook. The time finally arrives for their final performance, and Pat (Bradley Cooper) drags a reluctant Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) to the dance floor. Awkward magic happens.

4. Dirty Dancing. That epic final dance scene with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey is flat-out amazing.

5. Footloose. Kevin Bacon cemented his place in cinematic history with his skillful dance moves that shook up the town.

6. Flashdance. The warehouse dance scene ranks as one of the top movie scenes that made girls – including myself – want to get in shape.

7. Flashdance. Jennifer Beals managed to make strip-dancing cool. No small feat.

8. Grease. The tables are turned when Sandy (Olivia Newton John) glams up for Danny (John Travolta) and the duo sing “You’re the One That I Want.”

9. Saturday Night Fever. John Travolta’s got the moves in this breakout hit released in 1977.

10. Pulp Fiction. John Travolta and Uma Thurman get down on the dance floor.

11. Big. Ok, not technically a “dance scene,” but nonetheless, Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia play the piano AND dance at the same time.

What’d I miss? Tell me in the comments and I’ll keep adding top dance scenes to the post.


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