arianna huffington

arianna huffington

MediaBistro has a cool YouTube feature called Cubes, where they go inside a media company’s office and take us along on the tour.

This week, they posted a tour of the Huffington Post, including an inside look at Arianna Huffington’s office. While I in no way condone the HuffPo people getting rich off the backs of writers they don’t pay, they do have a pretty cool office, which includes a gym and a nap center. I wonder if it zaps you after a set period of time.

And you’ve gotta give Arianna props for not missing an opportunity for a close-up marketing ploy on the books she’s written, which apparently have their own special corner in her office, along with her favorite cookies.

By the way, did you know that Arianna’s ex, Michael Huffington, has a film production company? Me either.

What do you think? Does this video make you want to work there? Or does it just make you angry? 

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