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Commercials We Love: Duluth Trading Company’s Ball Room Jeans

duluth trading company

I’d never even heard of Duluth Trading Company until a couple weeks ago, when I heard their “Ball Room Jeans” commercial on in the other room and it caught my attention. Since then, I’ve seen several more of their commercials, and they’re all hysterically funny.

They somehow manage to get into the nitty-gritty of man-stuff, but not in an unseemly way. Like the “ball room jeans” commercial. It’s about jeans with room for, well, you know.

Their tagline says they deal in “seriously usable stuff,” and judging by what I’ve seen on the commercials, that’s totally true. I guess real men wear Duluth Trading Company garb. Roomy jeans. Shirts with extra fabric for arm-swinging. “Fire hose work pants” with plenty of room for, well, you know. Long-tail shirts to combat plumber’s butt. “Buck Naked Underwear” that makes you feel like you’re buck naked.

duluth trading company

The commercials are really simple and yet, very, very effective. And the company boasts a no-nonsense, no-hassle policy, and you have to believe that’s the case. One can only hope that there’s at least one company on the planet that’s no-nonsense and no-hassle.

Here are some of my favorite Duluth Trading Company commercials:

Ball Room Jeans:

Fire Hose Work Pants:

How to Fix Plumber’s Butt:

Buck Naked Underwear:


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  1. FrugalKiwi Avatar

    Cute. If more people had good ads, I’d actually watch them.

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