nashville: we live in two different worlds

Yee-haw! ABC’s Nashville Gets a Full-Season Order

nashville: we live in two different worlds

I don’t know what took them so long, but ABC finally gave a full season order to Nashville. This is only the second freshman show to get picked up for a full season, the first one being The Neighbors. The Neighbors was the first new show on ABC to get picked up for a full season?! What?! What is wrong with the world?

I digress. While I’m appalled The Neighbors got picked up, I’m equally excited that Nashville will get more episodes. That just means more songs from Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio (Scarlett and Gunnar), as well as the Stella sisters, Lennon and Maisy.  Well, heck, the whole cast is pretty well-rounded vocally and everyone will get a chance to shine in the spotlight, though I can’t imagine Lamar and Teddy doing a duet about mayoral politics (but it sure would be interesting to watch).

Malibu Country, the other “countrified” show on the network, recently got an extra three-script order, so hopefully it will also get a full season pick-up soon. Aside from the canned laugh track, the show is pretty funny, and who doesn’t love to hear Reba’s twang?


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  1. sleepwalkin2 Avatar

    This is such good news, and I’m just as shocked as you are that Neighbors was the first to get a full season. Before the fall lineup started, I remember thinking to myself that Neighbors would never make it to the third episode! I also fell in love with Nashville from the first song that Scarlett and Gunnar sang at The Bluebird.

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