The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow PeopleI don’t know if you saw The Tomorrow People back in the 80s, but I loved that show, so I’m excited to hear The CW is updating it as a new series for the network.

The original British drama ran back in the 1970s, and aired on Nickelodeon in the 1980s-90s. It was like a teen version of Dr. Who. Daleks meets Dawson’s Creek, if you will. The show revolves around a group of teens who each had special powers. Together, they work to defeat the bad guys, as anyone without superpowers and a good heart does.

The re-boot will be headed by Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec. Berlanti is the über-producer who brought us Eli Stone, Everwood, and Arrow. Plec is best known for her work on The Vampire Diaries, but also worked with Berlanti on Dawson’s Creek.

Here’s a clip from the original version of The Tomorrow People.



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