Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 on Blu-ray Dec. 4

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-rayI’m so glad they’re releasing Star Trek: The Next Generation on blu-ray. Partly because it’s my favorite of the franchise, but mainly because my 87-year-old mom absolutely loves the show. She’s basically been watching Star Trek from the original 1960s series.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 arrives on blu-ray Dec. 4, 2012 from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution. Adding to the exclusivity and collectability of the Blu-ray release is an HD Extended Cut of “The Measure of a Man,” which includes deleted scenes and different angles from the broadcast version.

The original version of the episode is included, as well as a Hybrid Extended Cut, combining the high-definition on-air version of “The Measure of a Man” with video of the extra material taken from an early VHS rough-cut of the episode that was in the writer’s (Melinda Snodgrass) archives. Yes, VHS!

The set also includes a must-see reunion of the cast, brought together earlier this year in Calgary in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the series. Produced exclusively for the series’ Blu-ray, this never-before-seen reunion roundtable chat features all of the best known cast regulars, including Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard), Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker, LeVar Burton (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi), Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data), Michael Dorn (Lieutenant Worf), Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher) and Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher).

The blu-ray set also includes more than 120 minutes of brand-new special features, including a two-part, in-depth documentary on the making of Season 2 entitled “Making It So: Continuing Star Trek: The Next Generation” – Strange New Worlds (Part 1), and New Life and New Civilizations (Part 2), and a gag reel that was created from newly recovered 35mm film elements and transferred for the very first time to high-definition.

The 5-disc collection features all 22 episodes of the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, including the beginning of Whoopi Goldberg’s notable recurring role, and the introductions of Diana Muldaur as the new ship’s doctor and the deadly alien villains The Borg.

The set will be available in 1080p with English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, English Stereo Surround, French Mono, Italian Mono, Castilian Mono, Japanese Mono and German Mono. The discs also include English SDH, French, German, Castilian, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles.

The Blu-ray is not rated in the U.S. and rated PG in Canada, and it will be available for the suggested retail price of $130 U.S. and $150 Canada. Pre-order it on Amazon.


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