New Girls, Menzies

New Girl Does Fifty Shades of Schmidt

New Girl, Menzies

I really thought the Fifty Shades of Grey thing had been overplayed, overdone and  overworked, but alas, I was wrong. This week’s episode of New Girl found Schmidt getting “greyed” by his boss’s boss, Emma, played by Carla Cugino.

Before he can enter her “Narnia of Sexual Terror,” Emma requires Schmidt to sign a ridiculously long and equally inane agreement. He seems to be excited and terrified at the same time.

In a hilarious side story, Nick befriends an elderly Asian man in the park who introduces him to water therapy.  He then tries to rehabilitate a menstruating Jess and later Winston in the pool of calming waters.

Also, be sure to check out the Thanksgiving episode with Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner as Jess’ divorced parents.





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