nashville: we live in two different worlds

Nashville Recap: We Live in Two Different Worlds

nashville: we live in two different worlds

Well, no song of the week to download from this week’s episode of Nashville. There didn’t seem to be much in the way of original songs in this episode, other than the song Rayna sings at the country club.  So let’s get on with the recap!

What?! Rayna and Deacon are getting it on?!  Well, that’s what the opening scene suggests this week.  Alas, it’s just a dream, but what a delicious dream Rayna is having.

Rayna agrees to perform at a fundraiser for Teddy, but it’s at the country club she used to be a part of and absolutely hates.  Deacon hates it, too, but he agrees to perform with her.

Last week, while shoplifting nail polish from her local drugstore, Juliette was caught by a couple of fans with their camera phone. Thank goodness (or curse them all) for cell phone cameras. The video goes viral online with four million views. When the cops come to arrest her, Juliette thinks they’re here for her mom (who’s now staying with her until her hearing).  She brushes it off, but her manager is up in arms and calls in her publicist who sets up an interview on Good Morning America (ABC synergy at work).

The publicist shows up and Jules ignores her. But when Glenn, her manager, tells her the CMAs have dropped her as a presenter and she is now the butt of all the jokes on radio and TV, including being the opening skit on SNL, she agrees to do the GMA interview. But she doesn’t ingratiate herself to the audience and ends up making things worse when she claims she did nothing wrong. When Robin Roberts asks her about her mother, Jules walks off the set.

While I’m enjoying watching Juliette squirm, I can also empathize with her. She struggles with her relationship with her mother and almost loses it when she empties her mom’s purse looking for drugs or stolen goods but finds an old worn-out picture of her mom holding her as a baby instead. What of her highly-overpaid publicist?  If you know your client is a ticking time bomb if her mother is mentioned, don’t you negotiate that under no circumstances is her mom to be mentioned in an interview?

After the GMA interview, sponsors begin to drop out and Juliette’s tour is threatened. Glenn tells Juliette he’s going to quit, but she begs him not to leave. When she explains why she lifted the nail polish, he agrees to stay on – for now.

Gunnar and Scarlett get the publishing deal, much to their delight but a little to Avery’s dismay. They take a tour of the publishing house where they’ll be working, and Gunnar runs into Hayley, an assistant there. Sparks fly. Scarlett takes one look at Hayley and has to restrain herself from getting into a catfight with her. Jealousy reigns.

The publishing exec takes Gunnar, Scarlett, Avery, and Hayley out to a celebratory dinner. As Scarlett waxes poetic about how she loves to write and find that one special word to denote an image, Avery pouts off to her side. As she genuinely exclaims how great a songwriter he is, Avery shuts her down because he knows in his heart of hearts he’s not that great if his girlfriend can get a publishing deal without even trying.

After dinner, Gunnar and Hayley want to continue the party into the night, but Avery bows out and like a dutiful girlfriend, Scarlett leaves with him (though you know she wanted to go with Gunnar and Hayley so she could keep an eye on those two).  Too bad she didn’t go with them because Gunnar and Hayley end up in bed together, making the love triangle into a love rectangle and a little more awkward for everyone.

At the country club, Rayna has a run in with Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), a socialite, and someone who Rayna thinks is still carrying a torch for her husband, Teddy. We later find out that Teddy and Peggy do have something going on – are they having an affair? Or were they in cahoots on the business deal that Teddy is clearly trying to hide?

Deacon arrives late to the fundraiser, which causes Deacon and Lamar to have a spat, which then leads to Deacon and Teddy having a squabble, which is later followed by Rayna and Deacon having a falling out. Rayna and Deacon’s fight becomes less about their musical partnership and more about their former romantic partnership. Teddy must know he never really held his wife’s heart and tells her he can’t deal with it anymore. Rayna finally agrees with him this time and tells him she’s going to fire Deacon.

This was a drama packed episode, so it’s reasonable that there weren’t as many songs.

While Juliette was banned from being a presenter at the CMAs, her doppleganger – Hayden Panettiere – along with Connie Britton and Kimberly Williams-Paisley, did present an award at the real CMAs Thursday night. While I didn’t watch the entire award show, the opening monologue below was pretty funny (fast forward to about 3:00 in.)

So I think I need to start calling Gunnar and Scarlett Gunlett or Scarnar or maybe ScarGun … what do you think?  Any suggestions?





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  2. melanievotaw Avatar

    Very dramatic episode this week. The only bone I have to pick is that there was obviously a woman backup singer on that one song but no one in their on-stage band who was singing. The only other woman on stage was playing an instrument but not singing. Don’t insult our intelligence, Nashville.

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