Rosland Capital, William Devane

Commercials We’re Sick Of: William Devane and Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital, William Devane
“Yeah, I’m way richer than you.” – William Devane

I don’t think those Rosland Capital commercials starring William Devane are having the desired response. If I have to watch one more TV spot where he’s flying his plane, sitting in his gorgeous home with his massive fireplace, or riding his horse on his expansive ranch, I’m just not sure what I’ll do.

Especially when he says, “Dontcha just love the feel of gold?” Yeah, I’m sure I’d love it way more than the piles of bills on my desk. Hey, William, send some of those gold coins over and I’ll put them in my safe. Keep ’em safe for ya.



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77 responses to “Commercials We’re Sick Of: William Devane and Rosland Capital”

  1. Eileen Pazos Avatar
    Eileen Pazos

    I agree with Jane regarding the William Devane Rosland commercials. Though I’m a conservative and have nothing against making money in our captialistic society, these commercials make me want to throw up. Liking the “feel of gold” is a definite turn-off. Glad someone else has been irritated by the ads.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Thank you! And dear lord, they just get more and more annoying. Here’s William Devane flying his plane over his massive estate, here he is riding his horse, here he is in his gold-plated log home mansion. I’m all for making money, too, but Rosland needs a new spokesperson.

      1. jimmy reid Avatar

        I am so sick sick sick and tired of this STOP NOW !!!!!!!

      2. Denise Avatar

        Surprisingly, he’s only worth $5 million…a LOT for all of us, but considering, it’s pretty modest for a star…those pathetic Kardashians are worth $100 million plus for doing nothing. The commercials that nearly makes me want to throw a chair into my TV are the Liberty Mutual ones! Every actor in those commercials makes me nauseous!

    2. Sher Avatar

      I actually called them (Rosland Capital) and told them how irritating their commercials are and that they do NOT represent the average person. How dare that they go ahead with a person who flaunts their wealth and claim it is because of the feel of gold. They actually called me back weeks later! Thought I was an “interested customer” – I told them they were wrong and again told them my reasons. It has been a few months now and they have not called me but those annoying commercials are still being aired.

      1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

        Good for you for calling them! And truly, especially in these difficult financial times, that commercial is a complete disconnect with what’s really going on in the country.

      2. Kenneth G. Hales Avatar
        Kenneth G. Hales

        What compensation does William Devine get from Rosland Capital for doing one
        of their commercials?

        1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

          I have no idea, but I’m guessing it’s substantial. Enough to add some gold to his safe.

      3. joann anderson heet Avatar
        joann anderson heet

        Sick of seeing William Devane, Flo and Progressive, Viagra, eHarmony with that old guy, toilet paper ads with the bear … they can put crap like that on and can’t put decent commercials on. My deceased relatives are rolling over in their graves with all the smut on TV these days. I’m 72 and this country is so far away from morals, it’s awful. This is what the little kids have to watch and grow up with. Pathetic.

        1. Richard Lee Avatar
          Richard Lee

          Agreed. Especially regarding Flo @ Progressive and the dumb ostrich and man at Liberty Mutual !! 😬😠
          BTW I for one like William Devane’s commercials. 👍👍

      4. Edward Hutton Avatar
        Edward Hutton

        William Devane is also touting the Medicare Help Line. I called and talking to a bunch of used car salesmen. Money back to your Social Security every month, False. You have to forfeit any insurance you have in order to qualify for their program, are you crazy. I refer to this as Medicare Fraud Line.

    3. Joanie Avatar

      No, no, no girls. I love these ads. In fact, I love william Devine. I’d like to marry him. I can see me in that mansion, on one of the horse or any of his rich man toys. However if in real life he’s a near broke actor, forget it.

      1. Ulrike and Edward Paszcza Avatar
        Ulrike and Edward Paszcza

        They won’t buy anything back and you get it for the highest price. Devane is getting rich and should go to prison!

    4. UnkSam Avatar

      I do not know enough about “those TV commercials” to make any comments about what, exactly, the Rosland message is that’s suppose to be-in-focus. I immediately grab the REMOTE when I hear the “Hi I’m William Devane” . . . It’s that simple. I will never ever have anything to do with Rosland Capital. Even if I don’t know them, I can NOT stand those TV commercials.

      1. UnkSam Avatar

        . . . From what I understand about the Main-Message of these types of Commercials; it’s all like this; “I am telling you something that is really, really, really good to own! You should own this! This is just great to own! . . . BTW, I am trying to sell mine!”

    5. Ron Randall Avatar
      Ron Randall

      He should be ashamed of himself, for fronting a crooked company. I bought 5 gold coins from them for $1800 each, only to find out they were only worth about $1200 each. Big big profit for Rosland Capitol. They cheated me fair and square. hahaha

      1. Ron Randall Avatar
        Ron Randall

        Yup, what I paid $9200 for was only worth $6000. Shame I was so trusting.

    6. Greg Avatar

      He is gratingly arrogant in all manner. Would NEVER buy anything he pushes

    7. MARKY Avatar

      What really irritates me is that on the TV commercial that I see on FOX, this d=bag is calling Rosland Gold.. RosLING…. ROSLING…. ing…. ING… Why would they let a spokesperson hawk a product that he is tooo f’in stupid to pronounce correctly… Yeah,,, he can’t even say the word. I will really cling to everything he says… He sounds completely STUPID

  2. WOH Avatar

    William Devane’s net worth is only $5mil which is not that much money these days. With his sprawling ranch and private plane, he actually wouldn’t have that much liquid cash to purchase gold “every chance he gets!” So my guess is Rosland Capital compensates William by tossing him a couple of gold coins each time he films YET ANOTHER disgusting ad. Gee, I wonder who pays cable for the constant expensive airtime for these insulting ads??? Any chump who calls Rosland Capital and purchases gold, that’s who

    1. Gary D. Avatar
      Gary D.

      I agree with you. The commercials are nausiating. If he is only worth five million dollars, there is not much in “his safe”. Besides, it looks like gold is not much of an investment at this time.

    2. Pedro the Peso Pincher Avatar
      Pedro the Peso Pincher

      I wonder just what kind of financial deal he has with Rosland to push their company. Either good money, gold and or silver or a great rate on purchasing their product. I would like to know just to see how sincere he is and how much BS he is full of……

  3. larry Avatar

    I just called Rosland and told them I’m sick of seeing William Devine every
    fifteen on Fox, and would never buy anything from them.

  4. Jack Peveriill Avatar
    Jack Peveriill

    A real has-been. An obvious sucker move. I wonder if he really even owns any of HIS gold! It has dropped from 1900 to 1280! How about those poor suckers that moved their money into a gold IRA!! This is a real fiddle.

    1. corey Avatar

      His days are over in movies, so he turned to the alternative. Big money for commercials, just like all the washed up actors in Hollywood.

  5. h. laderach Avatar

    I cannot believe Devane actually believe in Rosland Capital. They screwed me several years ago and I would never believe in them again…. I get upset every time I see Devanes commercial on Rosland.

  6. LOUIE Avatar

    Little jealousy there kids? Kudos to Devane. I would give anything to have a place like that……..He deserves it and does a good commercial too! So just suffer it out suckers!

    1. UnkSam Avatar

      Look at him! Listen to his disgusting-sounding mouth!

    2. Gre Avatar

      It’s a setting for a tv commercial!

  7. dennis sharp Avatar
    dennis sharp

    Jane, your comments regarding William Devane and the Rosland commercials he does, just shows what an insignificant, mean-spirited, liberal that you are!

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Add envious in there and we’re good to go.

  8. R A SISTAD Avatar

    Where can I add other commericials I really hate?

    MARIE and AMY…nutrisystem

    Fred Thompson..AAG reverse Mortages

    MAXWELL the GIECO pig who seems to be into beastiality


    1. Hank Kimball Avatar
      Hank Kimball

      Yeah, Fred and Flo are totally annoying and should be thrown into a vat of rancid frog guts. As technically a beast, bestiality would be normal for Maxwell.

    2. Judy Hill Avatar
      Judy Hill

      It’s such a shame they can’t use people in these commercials that REALLY need the money…that would have a better impact on the listening audience. Yet, the average “Joe” can’t afford to buy gold or silver…and we certainly don’t have any hidden “safes” (vaults) Devane always asks us about.

      I feel the same way about the repetitiveness of these ads. After a while they have an adverse effect for the product they’re selling.

      Yes, there’s a certain amount of jealousy…but the overall complaint I have is the anger the ads bring out in me when I hear them over and over and over and over again all day! I dash for the remote to put it on mute. I usually have TV on during the day for some background noise while I’m writing ads. I have on cable news where the commercials are frequent. THEY ARE ANNOYING AND SHOULD BE EITHER CHANGED OR CANNED!! See, I’m losing it again…sorry:)

    3. John Kernkamp Avatar
      John Kernkamp

      Don’t forget Tom Sellout and the ripoff reverse mortgage commercials.

  9. Elna Ruck Avatar

    He’s an actor people. At least he’s working, paying taxes. No one is forced to watch. There’s an “off”, “channel changer” on all remotes…..& “volume control”. It’s a commercial for gosh sakes!!

  10. Ben McGee Avatar
    Ben McGee

    I to get tired of commercials that roll over and over, and if you change channels there they are again ,but, Devane has worked hard, and has a right to make gold, silver, or dog food commercials if he so pleases. I wish I could make money doing commercials for my years of work, but I was not in his line of work.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Good point. I’d probably be doing the same thing in his position (making commercials).

  11. ken Avatar

    Good for William.I love horses and so does he.
    Don’t show your horses a___ and complain about what you wished you had

  12. Jim Koeniger Avatar
    Jim Koeniger

    William Devane commercials make me cringe. The only advice my father gave me was “whatever you do, don’t do the work yourself.” He was a dentist. He told me “every day I wake up and go to work putting my hands in the dirtiest hole in the human body.” Now THAT’s good advice!

    1. George Avatar

      I am glad my dentist does not feel like that. I doubt that your Dad did either.

  13. James Sharp Avatar
    James Sharp

    It’s not so much the ads themselves (there’s a new one with old Bill on the golf course) that bother me. It’s the fact that, from everything I’ve read, Devane is a left-wing liberal democrat.

    Doesn’t get more hypocritical than that. But, then again, what would you expect from a left-wing, liberal democrat?

    1. Carol Jones Avatar
      Carol Jones

      Good point James. Those William Devane commercials make me wanna puke. I have to change the channel. And now he’s got a whole slew of new ads. He’s about as irritating as it gets.

  14. J sikes Avatar
    J sikes

    I was not a fan of his early on but think he does a credible job in the commercials. i do not like Flo, the AAG commercials and others. Devane is believable.

  15. Charles Avatar

    The commercial deal is a way for Devane to pay his property tax. He’s not necessarily broke, but he’s definitely not liquid. California property tax records don’t show any leins on any of his assets. Records also don’t show him owning a plane. Nothing registered with the FAA either.

    So that means that the whole airplane angle was marketing bullshit. Wonder if Devane even knows how to fly?

  16. Monica Avatar

    My brother in law commented that he dislikes the AAG commercial because Fred flips Jesse a coin for the paper, and there is no paper around anymore that you can buy with a coin. My sister said he is probably flipping Jesse one of Willuam Devanes Rosland Capital gold coins! Hahaha!

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Ha! Crossover commercials – love it.

  17. Dan Owen Avatar

    I agrees that Mr. Devane needs to be retired. I can’t count the times I’ve changed the channel just to avoid his commercials.

  18. gayle brennan Avatar

    I love William Devane but please make the commercials stop of feeling the gold or what is in your safe today. I open my safe and it is cobwebs We are trying to keep our home and all I see is commericals for gold. Send me some to put in my safe and I would be very happy.

  19. Scott Firesheets Avatar
    Scott Firesheets

    I hate them too, but you know they don’t run them and spend all that ad money unless there are a lot of idiots buying and paying excess commissions…And whats with this blog being loaded with gold and silver advertisements ????

  20. Hud Gregory Avatar
    Hud Gregory

    Sick of William Devane. Nothing against William Devane. He used to be likeable enough in a 2nd-rate-actor sort of way. BUT anyone would grate the nerves after being in a commercial every 15 frixking minutes on TV. Enough is enough. I quickly turn channels as soon as I hear “Hi, I’m William Devane.”

  21. Rick Mason Avatar
    Rick Mason

    Yes! I hate those commercials and figured someone else has to hate them as much as I do and am pleased someone has a similar sentiment. If I hear one more time, “Hi, I’m William Devane…” I might injure my new 50″ TV. Stupid, I know, but I can’t always run across the room fast enough to shut that moron’s voice off. Just writing his name makes me want to vomit!

  22. e. migs Avatar
    e. migs

    Does anyone actually believe that Devane is worth.only $5,000,000?
    It’s probably more like $50,000 000.
    His pay for this commercial is probably $5,000,000.

    E. Migs

  23. Brent Rich Avatar
    Brent Rich

    Why do they always use second rate actors and play these over and over? We don’t care about Nutrisystem (Scam) and Rosland Gold (Scam). Marie Osmond makes me want to puke. It would be more memorable if her brother Donny force fed her Nutrisystem garbage food down her throat until she explodes while he sings a stupid song. She is just as irritating as William Devane. They should hook up and he can ask Marie if she will accept gold in exchange for Nutrisystem freeze dried crap, among other favors.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      But tell us how you *really feel, Brent! I totally agree about the Marie Osmond Nutrisystem commercial, though – it’s annoying.

  24. philip Avatar

    In all of my 63 years, I have never disliked an advertisement more than I detest seeing Devane pimping precious medals. The ads are old! He has been mentioning the debt for 3 years now. He also claims that the government didn’t give him any money when the bailouts occurred. Why doesn’t he say how poorly gold and silver have done for investors in the last 3 years? I try to mentally tune him out when he continues to be on TV. Rosland: I will not even consider your stuff while I still see the pimp, Devane representing and misrepresenting the glory of gold and silver.

  25. Zeke Avatar

    What irritates me is that he is selling a loser. Everyone who took his advice in the last 5 years has a loss on the books.

  26. Colonel Snyder Avatar

    William Devane is just trying to make a buck. Rosland Cap decides to continuously run the same old spots.

    He can’t compare to the fat black woman dancing around town in people’s faces after her “numbahs are down” with Crestor! Disgusting.
    Why can’t all outfits use GEICO’s excellent agencies?

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Agree – Geico commercials are the best!

  27. Steven Sells Avatar
    Steven Sells

    William Devane and his nauseating gold commercials have made me an expert in recording all programming on my DVR and fast forward past all his bullshit!!! PS: I don’t need any catheters for free either!!!

  28. Dr. Allen Chatt-Ellis Avatar
    Dr. Allen Chatt-Ellis

    Very, very sad for all you folks who are ‘green’ with envy. I’ve always liked Devane and, frankly, hoped that the commercials represented his lifestyle. When I see some one doing so well, I’m pleased; then go back to my life always ignoring the the commercial’s intended content. If you’re dumb enough to believe that someone else is paying a fortune (commercials are EXPENSIVE) to make up you a fortune, you’ve got more problems than your personal concerns with Bill Devane!

  29. I hate William Devane Avatar
    I hate William Devane

    I hate William Devane
    I hate rosland capital
    I hate William Devane
    I hate William Devane
    I hate William Devane
    Die William Devane
    Die William Devane
    Die William Devane

  30. Lerro DeHazel Avatar
    Lerro DeHazel

    I sometimes miss a lot of Fox News all because I hit the Remote when William Devane comes on the air. I just don’t click it back so soon . . . . . William Devane is really, really sickening.

  31. SickOfSalesPukes Avatar

    Fox News is making me ill with this William Devane Gold Bullshit or is it bullion commercial.
    20 times an hour every day all day.
    Give us a freakin break already.

  32. Denise Avatar

    Marie osmond makes you want to put so get off the air and make everyone happy. Oh but then the Mormon church wouldn’t get the heavy money she gives theme from the over 100,000 she gets from nutra system income she doesn’t tell everyone from her contract with them that is why she loves the program plus she uses it for free.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Yeah, she definitely has to go, too. It’s not good when a commercial makes you rush to change the channel.

  33. James bowen Avatar
    James bowen

    I cannot see how William Devine does anything but tarnish his sponsor.
    He comes across as an arrogant jackass.

  34. john lee Avatar
    john lee

    If he only has a new worth of five millon his gold investments’ having been doing so see all these damn adds saying gold and silver will rise fifty to sixty percent.if that is true they should quit selling it and buy up all they canor it could be like they are full of crap.

  35. […] There is more to these desperate pleas for relief from William Devane. You can read them here and here. […]

  36. Adrian Avatar

    My absolute most hated commercial of William Devane is the one with the Battleship Iowa, which I have personally toured as of 2013. He claims that Battleships “patrol the seas” when in fact they were used in WW2 to fight other capital ships, then basically mothballed because aircraft carriers were considered more deadly in combat. He really is marketed to the FOX News crowd who are obsessed with militarism (but relatively dim-witted) and I can’t stand his awful commercials.

  37. George Avatar

    I can find no proof that he has a pilot license.

  38. Mike Abrahamson Avatar
    Mike Abrahamson

    I am in the investment business. If I were to run commercials like that, print or tv, I’d be in jail. We have be licensed, belong to a to a broker-dealer, and cannot state any kind of expectations (silver, too). We are under intense regulations and I don’t how Rosland and others don’t have to comply. I turn the channel.

  39. Keith Avatar

    William Devane first starting promoting gold when it was over $1800 an ounce. If he is truly investing in it, then he’s losing his butt. This may be why he can’t quit the advertising business. He has to make up his losses.

  40. Eric Avatar

    What about those stupid liberty mutual commercials. Only buy the coverage you need. Every insurance company does that. Also looked them up. Take forever out a claim. Time to do my happy dance and fix the car I crashed into with my magic marker.

  41. John R. McCommas Avatar
    John R. McCommas

    I like William Devane . He’s a great man’s man. No bullshit. His character in Knots Landing was the most interesting. What’s up with all the hate?

  42. Derf Avatar

    I’ve always called him William The Pain

    Thoroughly enjoyed laughing with all those comments agreeing with me—thanks for the laughs, l’ll remember them the next 200 times I see him

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