Cinderella meets Once Upon a Time in the West

Cinderella Meets Once Upon a Time in the West

Cinderella meets Once Upon a Time in the WestImagine if Cinderella was directed by Sergio Leone and featured a tough cowgirl in the wild west.

That would be Cinderella, Anchor Bay‘s re-imagining of the classic fairy tale where as you’ll recall, mice dressed girls, princes wandered the neighborhood with glass slippers, and fairy godmothers were just a wand-wave away.

In this version of the tale, Cinderella is a charismatic and tough cowgirl who lives under the rule of her wicked stepmother Felicity and two overbearing stepsisters.

When Felicity plans a festive ball in honor of the charming Prince Vladimir and his Duchess mother, Cinderella asks her long-time companion, a shaman named Little Cloud, to help turn her into a beautiful cowgirl.

The Prince is immediately smitten with the mysterious masked stranger, until a band of pirates crashes the party and kidnaps the Duchess. After the sawdust settles, Cinderella, Little Cloud and the Prince set out on an unforgettable journey across the West to rescue the Duchess and find their own brand of happily ever after.

Sounds like my kind of fairy tale. Or as Bruce Willis would say, yippee kai yai yay.

Directed by Pascal Hérold and distributed worldwide by Cinemavault International, Cinderella, the brand-new animated feature film for the whole family, arrives on DVD December 26, 2012. It’s 85 min. long and rated PG.






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