Diane Sawyer drunk, election 2012 coverage

Four More Years for Obama! Diane Sawyer Gets Through the Night!

Diane Sawyer drunk, election 2012 coverage

Yay! The election is over, and the country can move on! I’m always fascinated by the election process, so of course, stayed up late to see who won and watch the speeches on both sides (both of which I thought were very classy, by the way).

But perhaps most interesting about last night was the Twitterverse going a little nuts over Diane Sawyer’s loopy anchorage performance on ABC News. I felt bad for George Stephanopoulos and the other anchors, who didn’t quite know what to do with her.

Perez Hilton clip embedded below – take a look.





3 responses to “Four More Years for Obama! Diane Sawyer Gets Through the Night!”

  1. melanievotaw Avatar

    Diane Sawyer is from my home state, and I’ve always had loads of respect for her. But now, I’m concerned about her. Does she have a drinking problem? Was she on medication? Will the network take some action against her for this?

  2. Brette Sember Avatar

    OMG! We were watching NBC, MSNBC and CNN. I missed a great show I guess!

  3. Alexandra Avatar

    i missed this. The way Georges S. is watching her is priceless.  We all have bad days but we don’t have to go on the air.  Maybe something happened in her life on election day, and she went on anyway, since the show must go on, when she should have called in sick or something.

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