animal practice: wingmen

animal practice: wingmen

For the other two people interested in watching episodes of Animal Practice, they are streaming on Hulu, and NBC will be posting all episodes (including the ones that were pre-empted).

In this new episode, “Wingmen,” we find Angela racing to the breakroom at 3:58 to watch Law of the Jungle, an episodic law show featuring Adam Goldberg as Ethan Lawson and Bonkers the monkey as Shapiro (who suspiciously looks like Dr. Rizzo).

animal practice: wingmenShapiro is Lawson’s partner in justice – and also his paralegal – because it would just be absurd for Shapiro to be a lawyer! When the cable goes out, Angela is in a panic, but then sabotages the cable box because she has the hots for the cable guy (and their shared love of “LotJ”) so she can see him again.

While everyone refers to it as the “Monkey Lawyer Show,” Angela takes any chance to explain: “There might be a monkey in it, but it’s really about the relationships.” I was waiting for her to break the fourth wall and wink at the audience after she said this.

Meanwhile, Doug is trying to get George to go out with him and be his wingman so he can hit on the ladies, but George steadfastly refuses. All bets are off when they both eye the hot granddaughter of a wealthy old woman whose cockatoo George has just examined.

Dorothy invites the girls (Angela, Juanita, and Yams) over to her place to meet her new pet pig Babe and watch the movie that inspired the name, but when Angela and Juanita bail on her, it’s just Yams and Dorothy, and they bond like two gal pals.

So they continue to have movie nights, but after a few of these “dates,” Yams thinks they’re now dating, while Dorothy thinks they’re just BFFs. She’s got to put a stop to this before she ends up married to Yamamato (though “Half-Asian babies are the Tyson Beckford of babies”), so she and Juanita plot to convince Yams they can’t possibly date.

My review is not doing this episode justice. I mean, there’s double the monkey in this show! That’s already double the laughs and smiles. How can you not smile when a monkey gives a guy a hug or high-fives a co-worker? Come on! Where’s the love?

I already miss this show. : o(  There’s one more episode left to air, so I can prolong the inevitable a little bit longer, but it just makes me sad to know there will be no more new episodes of Animal Practice in another week or so.


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