Mankind: The Story of All of Us

Mankind: The Story of All of Us

Sometimes you can tell how much thought and effort goes into a TV show by the press kit they send you. For History’s Mankind: The Story of All of Us, it’s clear they’ve got some time into this series.

The 12-hour/six-night miniseries premieres Tues., Nov. 13 at 9 p.m. on History and airs every Tuesday thereafter. It’s narrated by Josh Brolin and is two years in the making,

Look, we didn’t get this far by accident. It took some hardy humans throughout history trudging through obstacles at key turning points since the dawn of time.

Covered in Mankind: surviving the Ice Age, discovering farming techniques, the sacking of Rome, empire-building under Genghis Kahn, inventing movable type, discovering the New World, the fall of the Aztec Empire, creating the Industrial Revolution, mastering flight, exploring space, mapping our own DNA and much more. We’re all connected, and it truly is the story of all of us.

Ok, now about the press kit: 1) It’s really cool; and 2) it includes some major tools used to get us from there to here, like:

  • silk
  • iron (an Indian arrowhead)
  • purified water
  • penicillin (ok, probably not the real stuff, but a good likeness)
  • corn (yes, the real stuff)
  • cotton (ditto)
  • wood (ditto)
  • gold (chocolate covered in gold foil – my daughter ate the chocolate, so that space is empty in the photo below)
  • pigment (a little chalk-like thing)
  • steel (a giant nut, as in nuts and bolts), and
  • salt (which I’m guessing might be real)

Take a look, and then check out the miniseries starting Tuesday night. It’ll give you hope that there really are TV shows worth watching.

Mankind: The Story of All of Us


  1. Just watched Mankind and I loved how not only the timeline was wrong but also all the names were changed. I know religion isn’t the ‘cool’ thing anymore but that doesn’t mean you can discredit it with giving the prophets fake names. Just because the History channel changed its name to ‘History’ does not in any way mean that every thing they put on there is fact. The writers of this show should have paid more attention to the details instead of making the show look cool. I expected an amazing show of the history of mankind but all i got was some elementary play on history and religion. Try picking up true recollections of history before you make a tv show instead of just Wikipedia-ing everything. Your all a bunch of brainwashing, one sided, subliminal messaging fuckers.
    Thank you for your time

  2. King Philip of Macedonia invented the phalanx not the damn Spartans who were taken over by Macedonia. Also left out all about Alexander the great.

  3. they made out like the crusades were the christians fault ,it was the muslims that stop the christians from entering  jerusalem,so they started fihting


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