last resort
last resort
“It’s over. We’re canceled.”

Well, I must be clairvoyant, because I pretty much said that Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue wouldn’t last. I don’t think I ever wrote a review for 666, but I tried to watch the show three times to review it and couldn’t get past half an hour of the pilot. So it’s not shocking to me that ABC will not renew it for a second season.

Same goes for Last Resort. While I like the cast (loved Andre Braugher on Homicide: Life on the Streets), the premise of the show was flimsy, and I just couldn’t see the plot going beyond a single season (or even a few episodes) anyway.

At least Scott Speedman is walking away with a new love, as he romanced co-star Camille de Pazzis. (You can see their romance sparking in a scene from the episode “Another Fine Navy Day.”)

ABC will air all 13 episodes of each series, and I’m sure they’ll be available online for some time.

In other news … while I lament the cancellation of Animal Practice, can I be just a little pleased that Whitney got the same ratings as Animal Practice did the week before in the same time slot? So all that hype for a not-funny show proved to be just that — hype.


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