the walking dead

The Walking Dead Cast Gets Spooked at Halloween Horror Nights

the walking dead

Apparently, the cast of The Walking Dead isn’t quite as courageous as their fearless characters on the show. After a star-studded season three premiere, they screamed their way through “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Laurie Holden, who plays strong-willed Andrea, called the maze “scarier than the show.” I would imagine so, since it probably seems more real without the camera crew and craft table nearby.

the walking dead

“The Walking Dead: Dead Inside” maze is based on the Golden Globe-nominated hit show and features “walkers” and props cast from the show’s original molds. Hershel’s walker-laden barn and such menacing characters as well-walker, bicycle-girl and deer-eater also infiltrate the maze.

I’ve never been one for haunted houses, and only recently started watching scary movies and TV shows. The Walking Dead is a great show with a great cast, but a little too gory for me.


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  1. chris Avatar

    Awesome series – better than Game of Thrones by far! You were right to say it is a ‘great show with great cast’……but it can never get to gory!! 🙂
    Great article,

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