the walking dead

the walking dead

Apparently, the cast of The Walking Dead isn’t quite as courageous as their fearless characters on the show. After a star-studded season three premiere, they screamed their way through “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Laurie Holden, who plays strong-willed Andrea, called the maze “scarier than the show.” I would imagine so, since it probably seems more real without the camera crew and craft table nearby.

the walking dead

“The Walking Dead: Dead Inside” maze is based on the Golden Globe-nominated hit show and features “walkers” and props cast from the show’s original molds. Hershel’s walker-laden barn and such menacing characters as well-walker, bicycle-girl and deer-eater also infiltrate the maze.

I’ve never been one for haunted houses, and only recently started watching scary movies and TV shows. The Walking Dead is a great show with a great cast, but a little too gory for me.


  1. Awesome series – better than Game of Thrones by far! You were right to say it is a ‘great show with great cast’……but it can never get to gory!! 🙂
    Great article,


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