Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect: The Best Movie You Didn’t See Last Weekend

Pitch Perfect

Seems like everyone saw Hotel Transylvania last weekend, as it placed first in box office receipts with $43 million. But the movie that placed sixth, Pitch Perfect, was the one that everyone should have gone to see.

I can see why people avoided the film. They probably thought it was a big screen version of Glee, but it’s so much more than that. It’s actually laugh-out-loud funny.  Forget about the leads Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow. The ones that steal the film are Rebel Wilson as the boisterous and outspoken Fat Amy and Hana Mae Lee as the ridiculously softspoken Lilly.

The story follows Beca (Kendrick), a wannabe music producer who spends her time making mashups of songs and is stuck going to college at the behest of her father, a professor at the fictional Barden University. As part of her deal with her dad, she has to join a club on campus and finds herself auditioning (with a nice rendition of Lulu and the Lampshades’ “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone“) for the Barden Bellas, an all-female a capella group. There, she finds herself a new group of friends, as well as a love interest in the rival all-male a capella group, the Treblemakers.

With a sharp script from 30 Rock writer and producer, Kay Cannon, Pitch Perfect has some great laughable moments – and the singing’s not too bad either.  Fans of the now-cancelled NBC show The Sing-Off and its most recent winner, Pentatonix (@PTXOfficial and facebook.com/Pentatonix) will definitely love this film (and were probably there along with me opening weekend). If it doesn’t find success in the theater, it’ll surely be a cult hit on DVD and blu-ray.

It does look like more people took to Pitch Perfect this past weekend after good word-of-mouth buzz. It placed third after Taken 2 and Hotel Transylvania , which took the top two slots.





2 responses to “Pitch Perfect: The Best Movie You Didn’t See Last Weekend”

  1. melanievotaw Avatar

    The trailer definitely made me want to see it. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    I can’t wait to see this! Reviewed Frankenweenie for the family syndicators this weekend, and that was pretty darn cute. Dark (it’s Tim Burton, after all), but cute and sweet. But I’ll definitely sneak in Pitch Perfect sometime this week. Thanks for the great review, K.L.

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