New Girl, Halloween

New Girl Recap: Halloween

New Girl, HalloweenIn a very special Halloween episode of New Girl, we find Jess working at a Haunted House in town and still trying to hook up with Sam. They’re trying to keep their hook-ups sex only, but when Jess meets him at his workplace, she finds out he is this awesome pediatrician with a great rapport with kids and starts to fall for him – just a little – or perhaps, just a lot. Unfortunately, Nick discovers something about Sam that will put the kibosh on Jess’ hopes to further the relationship.

A former college crush comes to visit Nick and they finally get it on, but it’s not quite what Nick once imagined it to be. We find out Nick has a fear of Haunted Houses, but who doesn’t?  Certainly, all of these people here might say they don’t, but a picture is worth a thousand words… If you want to hear a grown man scream like a little girl, then this is the episode to watch. And for some unexplained reason, it had me in hysterics.

Schmidt and Cece unfortunately have perfectly matched costumes, making them appear like a couple and not Cece and Rob, who is living out his childhood fantasy of being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (I never determined which Ninja Turtle he was supposed to be).

Meanwhile, Winston and Shelby agree to go as a sexy couple, but a sexy couple of what?  Each has their own definition of what sexy is — and to disastrous results.

There’s a great Woody Allen impersonation round-up amongst the roommates – who did you think was the best impersonator?

I’m still waiting for the one-liners and zingers delivered in last season’s episodes. I’m holding out hope next week’s episode will be the one, but then, I’ve thought that every week so far.





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  1. Carmel Gourdet Avatar
    Carmel Gourdet

    It sounds very romantic and would like to know the ending!

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