Nashville, season 1 episode 3

Nashville Recap: Some Day You’ll Call My Name

Nashville, season 1 episode 3

UPDATE:  Wyclef Jean will play a music label exec in a multi-episode arc on Nashville.

Check out the official video for Hayden Panettiere’s “Telescope” here.

Okay, folks, in this week’s episode of Nashville, the song to download is “Telescope” — not the Hayden Panettiere version that was showcased last week (in the “music video” she filmed at the beginning of the episode) and can be heard in the link above — but an ‘unplugged’ rendition sung by Maddie and Daphne Conrad, Rayna’s two cute daughters (played by real life siblings Lennon and Maisy Stella) during their school’s talent show. Although the new Scarlett-Gunnar duet “Fade Into You” is a close second.

In this week’s episode, we get more of a feel for Juliette’s angst with her drugged-out mother who keeps showing up when Juliette least expects it. With a deadbeat mom like that, I don’t blame Juliette for trying to wipe any connection of her off the slate. Jules is still gunning for Deacon, and makes a play for him every chance she gets. She’s starting to wear him down — or is she?

Gunnar and Scarlett are continuing to make beautiful music together, much to Avery’s dismay, but he sees an opportunity when Scarlett gets cold feet and bombs the demo session with Watty. Turns out she might be unintentionally failing because she doesn’t want to step on Avery’s toes. Avery sees this as an in with Watty, so of course (I say with much exaggeration), he supports his girlfriend’s new endeavor.

While the show’s ratings were down over 25% in its second week out, I really hope ABC sticks with it and gives it a full season order. Hopefully, sales from the various singles each week on iTunes will convince them to do so.





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  1. melanievotaw Avatar

    I hope it lasts, too. I’m really enjoying the show. The music is great, and I love Chip Esten.

  2. wadewwilson87 Avatar

    Jean should make a good addition to Nashville. I love how the show pushes the music and not the other way around—think Glee. A friend was talking about how the show will start putting out songs with every episode; it’s very cool to know what the cast is capable of. Cheers to a new drama with great music.

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