parenthood season 4

parenthood season 4

When a TV shows plays the cancer card, that’s usually about the time I stop watching. I didn’t even START watching The Big C, because look, I’ve got enough friends and family dealing with cancer, and I don’t need more of it on my TV.

But when you’ve watched a show for three seasons — as I have with Parenthood — you’re kind of invested in the characters and storyline. So there you go, Parenthood is playing the cancer card, and I’m still watching.

In case you’re not caught up, Kristina is the one with cancer — breast cancer, to be specific. Which is a good place to start off my burning questions list. If you’re not caught up to this week’s episode, you might want to stop reading here.

1. Should Kristina and Adam have told Haddie the truth about her cancer? Look, as a parent, I understand their wish for her to stay at Cornell and focus on her studies. But as a daughter, I’d be ticked if my parents didn’t tell me the whole truth about their health. I think Haddie deserves to know the truth — that Kristina’s cancer is NOT gone, and she’ll have to start chemotherapy. Haddie’s an adult. She can make her own choices about whether to stay in school or take a semester off.

2. Did Julia make the right choice in quitting her job? I say yes on this. Obviously, I understand the need to pay the mortgage and ongoing bills, but as an entrepreneur, I think she’ll be much happier either in a less stressful job or even starting her own practice. It won’t be easy, but I believe in her.

3. Should Sarah and Hank get together? Yes! For the love of God, yes! I like Mark as much as the next girl, but he seems a little boring for her. She and Hank have real sparks, and you know that thing about opposites attracting? Sarah and Hank are total opposites. She’s talkative, outgoing and able to express her feelings. He’s grumpy, quiet and closed-off. I’m not saying their relationship would be smooth sailing. Far from it. I just think she needs something more exciting than what Mark can offer over the long haul.

4. Will Amber and Ryan make a good couple? Again, yes! A resounding yes! First, I’m excited to see Matt Lauria (he was Luke on Friday Night Lights for anyone paying attention). He and Mae Whitman have great chemistry, and his history as a vet returning home from Afghanistan will be a compelling story.

5. Should Max have run for class president? That’s a tough one, because I understand Adam and Kristina’s hesitation that he might encounter some meanness from other students. But he’s already encountered that, and he’s making an effort to change something (get the vending machine back — for better or worse) while at the same time asserting himself. It seems like a good thing to me, despite the fact that there may be struggles associated with the decision and any related Asperger’s issues.

Are you watching Parenthood this season? Any thoughts on my burning questions? 


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