animal practice: the two george colemans

animal practice: the two george colemans

NBC is chock full of Halloween episodes, and Animal Practice has one of them in “The Two George Colemans.”

Sadly, the show has been cancelled and will be replaced in November by the much hated Whitney (NBC, you’re going to give that hack comedianne another season but not Crystal the Monkey? Call PETA!). So get your monkey fix now, while you can.

Anyway, I digress. Everyone’s in costume in this Halloween episode, even the animals (cue cute  parade of animals dressed in costume). Dr. Coleman has a new nemesis in Dr. Leiter, who seems to be gunning for his job. She has dressed up as him for Halloween, complete with stuffed monkey (which Dr. Rizzo doesn’t take kindly to).

animal practice: the two george colemansDr. Yams (love the nickname) is staying with Dr. Jackson after his wife kicked him out. The two decide to go as The Lone Ranger and Tonto, but each believe the other is Tonto and costume conflict ensues, but who’s really the hero and who’s the sidekick?

Dorothy is running an animal costume contest and doesn’t realize there’s a whole cutthroat Toddlers & Tiaras-type underworld to it.  Angela and Juanita are dressed up as Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks. respectively, but whenever Juanita is not standing by Angela, various people think she’s [insert your favorite bald black celebrity here – you won’t realize how many there are!].

So that he can get the upper hand in the situation, George diverts an ostrich that was in Dr. Leiter’s care, but when he loses it, the whole floor has to be shut down and the vets, tranquilizer guns ablazing, go in search of the runaway avian.

Anytime you can get adults and small animals to dress up is a good thing. It’s a shame there are only a few more episodes we’ll get to enjoy, but even if Dr. Coleman and his staff are gone from view, Dr. Rizzo will be in our hearts forever.



  1. I am SO BUMMED that Animal Practice got canceled. See, this is why it’s never a good idea to get caught up in a show in the first few episodes – and yet, that’s what the networks need for good ratings. And what the fans need to keep the show going. 
    Never been a fan of Whitney.

    • @Jane Boursaw I hate that they don’t give shows enough time for people to find out that they’re on. I really think this show could have survived if it had a season to grow like Seinfeld did “back in the day.” I don’t think Seinfeld did well in the beginning either (if I remember correctly.) Just think – by today’s standards, it would have been gone within a few episodes, and we would have been deprived of all of that wonderfulness. I hear Nashville’s ratings are low, too, and I love it so far. I don’t want to see it cancelled. Sigh.

      • @Jane Boursaw Gosh, I think about life without all of those seasons of Seinfeld – no “soup Nazi,” no “yadda yadda yadda,” no “master of your own domain.” These things all made it into the vernacular.

  2. What’s really depressing is ABC keeps ordering more episodes of that horrid show “The Neighbors” and a truly funny show like Animal Practice gets cancelled.  There really is no justice in the world!


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