The Interwebs are all abuzz after Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention. However you lean in the political rodeo, Bronco Billy certainly got people talking, tweeting and meme-ing.

Before he even left the stage, the Reddits and Tumblrs were already hard at work posting assorted empty chair memes. Here are three of my favorites.

Help me, Dirty Harry. You’re my only hope. | SoftSummers
And the secret word is …  @InvisibleObama| mlkshk
Awww … Sad Keanu | typ901


  1. Too funny! I thought it was so interesting the different takes by people on Eastwoods “performance.” If you agree with his politics, you thought it was “WINNING!” If you didn’t, he was compared to just another senile old man talking to an empty chair.


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